Editorial – Wonders Of Homoeopathy

Das N C WONDERS OF HOMOEOPATHY   CASE 1. (1) Boy of 3, when angry loses consciousness with coldness of extremities, upturned eyes, blue discolouration of lips and face; sense of suffocation; sweat on forehead. (2) Sweat on head during sleep wetting the pillow, child sickly and anaemic. (3) Very irritable mood. Very obstinate. Throws … Read more

The Metaphysical And Aetiological Considerations Of Disease

Sarkar B K   We finish with a note on the metaphysical conception of illness and consideration of their etiological factors. Illness marks some imperfection or weakness or else opening to adverse touches in the physical nature and is often connected also with some obscurity or disharmony in the lower vital or the physical mind … Read more