PRABIR KUMAR.   ARSENIC. ALB. Causes: Acid things. Brandy. Butter. Acid drinks. Cold drinks. Fermented drinks. Fat food. Ice. Meat. Over loading stomach. Pastry. Pepper. Spoiled sausage. Water. Wine. Chilling the stomach with ice cream, ice-water. Indigestible food. Vinegar. Abuse of tobacco. Vegetable diet, melons, watery fruits. Strong cheese. Cold fruits. Type: Acute. Chronic. Acid. … Read more


Das N C (2x; 3x; 6x; TRITURATIONS).   Fever: Worm fever. Remittent fever, from worms. Infantile remittents. Violent fever, frequent pulse, dry, hot skin. Restless sleep. Tongue deep red. Grinding of teeth. Hands cold. Extremities cold. Great restlessness. Milky urine. Bloated abdomen hard or soft; abdomen very sensitive; diarrhoea with abdominal pains. Constipation. Nausea better … Read more