Das N C   DULCAMARA. Type: Catarrhal. Rheumatic. Location: Forehead. Right side of forehead. Over right eye. Occiput. One side of head. Vertex. Pain: Boring. Digging. Burning. Drawing. Dull. Jerking. Nail- like. Plug-like. Pressing outward. Shooting. Stitching. Stunning. Stupefying. Aggravation: Morning. Morning in bed. Morning on rising. Evening. Night. Cold air. Anger. From becoming cold. … Read more


B.K. GOSWAMI.   CHOLERA INFANTUM. Cholera Infantum is not a real cholera but is a dangerous type of summer complaint of children. It is characterized by frequent purging and vomiting in association with a rise of temperature. The stools are watery and copious. Dehydration and consequent weakness are always obvious accompanying factors. Hand-fed and bottle-fed … Read more


PRABIR KUMAR.   NUX VOM. Causes: Acid things. Loss of animal fluids. Brandy. Bread. Coffee. fermented drinks (beer. Emotions. Anger, chagrin, etc. Milk. Over-loading stomach. Over study. Pepper. Sedentary habits. Sexual abuse. Spirits. Watching. Water. Wine. Tobacco. Abuse of alcoholic drinks. Abuse of drugs. Beer. Cheese. Debauchery. Dietetic indiscretion. Egg albumen. Excesses. Vegetables. Defect of … Read more


Das N C   GELSEMIUM. Leaders. (1) Fever without thirst. (2) Chilliness. (Bapt). (3) Great heaviness of eyelids, cannot keep them open. (4) Pulse slow, accelerated by motion. (5) First stage, comparatively mild cases. (6) Patient feels sore and bruised all over as if pounded. (7) Dread of motion, headache, drowsiness. (8) Red face. (9) … Read more