Das N C Makes grimaces and foams at the mouth in epilepsy. Absinthinum.   Bites his tongue in epilepsy. Absinthinum. Minor epilepsy where consciousness is not entirely lost. Absinthinum. The convulsions (epilepsy) are preceded by trembling; the patient makes grimaces; bites tongue; foams, Absinthinum. Epileptoid attacks of hysterical character and opisthotonos. Absinthinum. Insensible with the … Read more


Das N C   BORAX. Location: Forehead. Over eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Temples. Vertex. Character of pain: Boring, digging, drawing, pressing, sore, bruised, stitching, tearing. throbbing, pulsating. Aggravation: Morning; evening; night; after epistaxis; light; before menses; during menses; noise; reading; shaking head; stooping; straining eyes; touch; walking in open air; wrapping up head; … Read more