CULLED BY FRED B. MORGAN, M.D. Clinton, Iowa.   Arsenicum album: It is adapted to a condition of profound prostration, rapid exhaustion, or even collapse. Paralysis, especially in lower extremities. Hysterically paralysis. Spinal paralysis from myelitis. General dropsy, with a weak heart. Dropsy from kidney disease. General anaemia. Pyemia with oedema, erysipelas, gangrenous ulcers, and … Read more


Das N C   CANNABIS INDICA. Pain at mid-day forces her to cry. Headache accompanied by flatulence continuing until he can pass flatulence up or down. Throbbing of occiput. Migraine. CANNABIS SATIVA. Type: Nervous. Location: Forehead. Occiput. One side of head. Temples. Vertex. Brain. Character of pain: Boring, digging, bursting, cutting, drawing, opening-shutting, pressing, stitching, … Read more


BY PRABIR KUMAR. LYCOPODIUM.   Causes: Bread. Chocolate. Coffee. Beer. Cold drinks. Poisoned mussels. Farinaceous food. Flatulent food. Milk. Pastry. Salt. Spirits. Vegetables. Onions. Cabbage. Beans. Gastric juice scanty. Dietetic indiscretion. Type: Acid. Atonic. Flatulent. Acute. Chronic. Catarrhal. Desires: Alcoholic drinks. Cold drinks. Cold food. Oysters. Sweets. Warm drinks. Warm food. Aversions: Bread. Brown bread. … Read more