1. Cholera Asiatica, with collapse; face sunken, distorted, particularly mouth; cold, clammy, perspiration; great exhaustion, aversion to heat and being covered, crawling sensation as from ants: Sec. Gentry. 2. Cholera with marble coldness of whole body, pulselessness, and rapid progress of disease towards asphyxia. Hydro-ac. Gentry. 3. Cholera painless, watery, discharge after midnight: Sulph. Gentry. … Read more


Das N C GRAPHITES.   Burning on vertex. Attacks of headache, sometimes semi-lateral, with nausea and vomiting, feeling of looseness of the whole brain, violent headache with eructations and nausea during menstruation. Periodical unilateral headache with constipation and amenorrhoea. Pain in the head as if the head were numb and pithy. Violent headache in vomiting, … Read more


Das N C   NUX-MOS. Leaders. (1) Coma. Drowsiness. (2) Chilliness. (3) Dryness, in mouth, throat, eyes, etc. (4) Thirstlessness. (rarely thirst) (5) Skin cold, dry, not disposed to sweat. Blue spots on skin. (6) Thinks she has two heads. (7) Objects look larger, distant. (8) Red sweat: red like blood. (9) Nosebleed, blood dark. … Read more