Das N C PHOSPHORUS.   Increased sensitiveness to odor; sense of smell is very acute so that the patient faints always from smell of flowers. Bloated face. Puffiness under eyes. Blue rings around the eyes. Pale hippocratic countenance. Irritable. Weakness of nervous system. Susceptibility to external impressions, can neither bear sound, light nor odors. Sensation … Read more


STATEMENT OF INSTRUCTIONS BY RAJKUMARI   AMRIT KAUR. NEW DELHI, AUG. 31.– Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, Health Minister, has issued a statement of instructions today for the benefit of the general public in preventing the spread of poliomyelitis, commonly known as infantile paralysis. There have been a few cases of poliomyelitis in Delhi and the disease … Read more

Abdomen & Pelvis – Homoeopathy & Surgery

[ Read by title before I.H.A., Bureau of Surgery, June 19, 1937.] C. P. BRYANT, M.D.   THE RIGHT ABDOMEN and PELVIS CONSIDERED HOMOEOPATHICALLY vs SURGICALLY The title of this paper has suggested itself to me because of the many puzzling situations arising from right-sided abdominal and pelvic pain. The many and varied conditions that … Read more