Editorial – The Homoeopathic Method Of Examination

Das N C CHRONIC CASES.   B. (Rheumatism) Local symptoms:- 1. Location of the disease: Large muscles of trunk, chest, back, neck; joints, small or large; Intercostals, deltoid, shoulders, wrists, ankles, fingers, finger joints. Periosteum of bones. Hips. Heels etc. 2. Character of the disease: ascends or descends, shifting from one joint to another (migratory) … Read more

Homoeopathic Treatment Of Cancer

Fortier Bernoville   LYCO: The Lycopodium subject who becomes cancerous will localize his tumor preferentially on the liver, stomach or intestine. SULPHUR: King of Hahnemanns antipsorics, Sulphur ought to be reserved for the pretumoral state. It has no favorable action in a confirmed cancer, even at the start, and can even be dangerous in this … Read more