Das N C PHOSPHORIC ACID.   Aggravation: Morning; morning on waking; afternoon; evening; night; night on waking; after midnight; loss of animal fluids; ascending steps; binding up the hair; after breakfast; during eating; after eating; excitement of emotions; fright; grief; jar; light; lying; lying on painful side; mental exertion; motion; moving head; music; noise; external … Read more


RAY W. SPALDING, M.D. H.R. January 1996.   RHUS TOX. Stiffness in limbs. Dragging gait. Paralysis of rheumatic origin or brought on by getting wet or from exposure to any form of dampness. The patients is chilly. aggr. uncovering. Restlessness is noticeable. DULCAMARA. Similar in many respects to Rhus. Simple paralysis of lower extremities or … Read more