Remedy Diagnosis In Duodenal Ulcers

Schwarzhaupt Cologne Trill / Arn / Mill / Sec.   Anacardium. Pain on empty stomach 4 to 5 hours after eating, but returns after some time. Nux vomica is similar to Anacardium; both remedies act primarily on the nervous system, both are irritable, are constitutional, have stomach symptoms and nausea, eructation and vomiting. However, in … Read more

Excerpts from Clinical Experiences

Rueckert NASAL POLYPI Calcarea carbonica   1. For five years a man had suffered from this disease which closed both nostrils; the growths had been removed surgically often, but always returned. Frequent sneezing with copious mucous discharge; nose completely obstructed, making breathing very difficult. Calcarea carbonica 30C. cured completely in ten days, and there was … Read more

Paralysis – 4

Das N C SILICEA.   TYPE: Post-diphtheritic. LOCATION: Optic nerve. Right side of face. Palate. Throat. Pharynx. Rectum. Bladder Diaphragm. Upper limbs. Forearm. Hand. Lower limbs. CAUSES: Diphtheria, Convulsions. Defective nutrition of nervous system. Checked foot sweat. CHARACTER: Painless. With stiffness of parts. Painful. With atrophy and numbness of fingers. With heaviness of head and … Read more