A. & D. PULFORD, M.D.   IDENTIFICATION: Convulsions; epileptic; sudden in rapid succession, preceded by nervous tremor. ESSENTIAL: Sudden and severe giddiness. Vertigo with tendency to fall backward. Brilliant eyes. Tendency to walk about in great distress. Delirium, terror and terrifying hallucinations. IMPORTANT: Spasmodic facial twitching. Constant desire to urinate, urine very strong and of … Read more


H.A. ROBERTS, M.D.   Dioscorea has wind colic, ameliorated by stretching out: Veratrum album has colic ameliorated by bending double, always accompanied with cold sweat. Ranking high among the group of remedies having the symptoms, nausea from thinking of food, are Arsenicum, Cocculus, Colchicum, Sepia, Thuja. In the erysipelas of old people, with a tendency … Read more


By the later Dr. Francois Cartier. PARIS. TRANSLATED BY CARL A. WILLIAMS, MD.   St. Petersburg, Florida. Synonym: Full, hard pulse. Terminology: English: High blood pressure. German: Cross spanning. Spanish. Hypertension, Italian: Hypertension. The inequality of the blood pressure does not constitute a special disease, but a pathological condition which is met in a great … Read more