MAJOR A.N. MUKHERJI, M.Sc., M.B. (CAL., UNIV.).   Method of examination of Psychiatric cases differ considerably form that of Physical cases. As accurate systematic form of examination is essential. In examining a psychiatric patient, a great deal depends upon the method of approach. The following form of examinations is at present thought to be the … Read more


Excerpted from the Medical Century and other sources, for ready reference. C.M. BOGER, M.D.   Anthracin: With sloughing and terrible burning; after Ars. Apis: Burning, stinging, throbbing; run-arounds; dissecting wounds; sense of looseness of nails; fine burning and pricking. Arsenicum: Gangrene; wants parts wrapped; burning. Fluoric acid: Amel.: cold bathing, left hand; points on dorsum; … Read more


H.W. SHELTON.   1. Our health rests in our hands, because we choose those whom we trust to guide us along the various paths to health, such as:. a. Drug therapy: Homoeopathy, Allopathy. b. Drugless therapy: Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy (Lindlahr), A.B. Tahar, Diet (and Fasting), Exercise. c. Psychological therapy: Psychiatry, Christian Science, Mental Science, Faith … Read more


Expected from The Medical Century and other sources, for ready reference. C.M. BOGER, M.D.   Amyl. nit.: Face flushes on slightest emotion tumultuous and irregular heart worse mental emotion; organic heart disease, during; paralytic sensations in extremities; flushes followed by drenching sweats; opens clothes, must have fresh air, cold air and cold water. Belladonna: Congestive … Read more