Homoeopathic Philosophy

Symptomatic vs. Pathologic Prescribing. HARVEY FARRINGTON, M.D.   Continuing our account of the views of early homoeopaths on the theory and practice of homoeopathy, we come to Gottlieb Rau (1779-1840), who practiced allopathy for twenty years before he adopted the new method of healing. Like Hahnemann, he advocated the use of the simplest remedies and … Read more

Vital Resistance, Hypersensitivity and the Essential Nature of Disease

EUGENE CARMICHAEL M.D.   We all recognize the difference between a living and a dead body. We know the first is filled with vital resistance or vitality, while the second has none. Vital resistance or vital force, then, is that inherent yet indefinable life principle in all organism which differentiates, in different degrees, a living … Read more

A Brief Study Course in Homoeopathy

Elizabeth Wright Hubbard IX. REMEDY: RELATIONSHIPS.   The subject of the relationship of remedies is one of the most fascinating in homoeopathy, and many aspects of it have been developed in the literature. Long before Hahnemann, Paracelsus wrote much on the doctrine of signatures and the old herbalists determined the uses of their remedies party … Read more