Short notes of a clinic delivered in K.E.M. Hospital, Parel. Bombay. (L.D. Dhawale, B.A., M.D.).   FEVERS WITHOUT PHYSICAL SIGNS. Cause:. 1. Toxins of microbic origin. 2. Instability of the heat-regulating mechanism as found in:. (a) the neurotic patient,. (b) one recovered from long febrile illness,. (c) the chronic alcoholic, and. (d) the morphia addict. … Read more

A Brief Study Course in Homoeopathy

ELIZABETH WRIGHT. M.D. III.   KNOW THE PATIENT. “A case well taken is half cured.” one of the masters said. For a good homoeopathic prescription a good deal of information is essential which is not needed in ordinary medicine. The homoeopath must know his patient, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and sociologically. He must give as … Read more


Bose N C   The 185th. Birthday anniversary of Samuel Friedrich Hahnemann was commemorated under the auspices of The Bengal Homoeopathic Institute at the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, on April 10. The right Honble Lord Sinha or Raipur presided. The Calcutta Homoeopathic Hospital Society solemnised Hahnemanns 185th. Birthday. Kumar Bishnu Prasad Roy … Read more

Clinical Experiences that deepen my faith in Homoeopathy

[ Paper read at the monthly clinical meeting of the Homoeopathic Post-Graduate Association, Bombay, on the the 30th October. 1939]. [B G. Marathe. M.B., B.S. Late Lt. I.M.S., P.G. (E.M.H.)].   Mr. President and friends,. I am aware, all of you were very likely surprised to read the title of todays paper, and you must … Read more

The Ever-Present Truth of Homoeopathy

[ Read before the Bureau of homoeopathy at the Fifty-fourth Annual Convention of the Southern Homoeopathic Medical Association, at St. Louis, Mo, October 13, 1938]. J.W. WAFFENSMITH, M.D., H. M.   New Haven, Connecticut. The activities of life are either hyper or hypo. There is a happy medium, but the continuous maintenances of same is … Read more