A Brief Study Course in Homoeopathy

ELIZABETH WRIGHT, M.D. IV.   KNOW THE REMEDIES. Theoretically any substance or force may become a homoeopathic remedy. In a large number of instances of so called physiologically inert substances in the crude state varying degrees of potentization are necessary to bring our the remedial powers. At present no complete list of all homoeopathic remedies … Read more

Emulative Gleanings from the Life of Hahnemann

Read on the Hahnemann day, 10th April, 1940, observed by the Homoeopathic Post-Graduate Association, Bombay. (N. B. Bhatwadekar, B. A., M.V., B.S.,)   Mr. President and Brother,. We have gathered here this afternoon to revere the memory of one who can well lay a claim to be one of the greatest physicians of world, Samuel … Read more