AS an allopath I was attending a young woman suffering from violent pains in the region of the heart, brought on by prolonged over-exertion. I prescribed the usual allopathic medicines, but, as there was no improvement notwithstanding a fortnights rest and careful treatment, plus a consultation, I was at my wits end what else to suggest.

I remembered I had picked up a book on a second-hand bookstall called The Prescriber, by a Dr. J. H. Clarke. Under the heading “Heart” my patients trouble was described to the letter. The remedy was Cactus 3. I reckoned this up. “3” meant one drop of the tincture in a million drops of fluid– a few drops of this for a dose.

I though this was the height of folly– it was too absurd –against all reason– pure quackery. Yet, I reasoned, Dr. Clarke could add M.D. to his name. He was probably no fool. What if there was some truth in homoeopathy? At any rate if it did not good, it would certainly do no harm. I sent a prescription to the chemist–Cactus 3, three drops for a dose. I called next morning on my patient. All was excitement. The second dose of the medicine, she told me, seemed to lift a load from her chest and here she was sitting up to welcome me.

I thought this recovery was a mere coincidence. It was impossible for a few drops of fluid to work this miracle.

The same day I was consulted by a patient for cystitis. I turned to The Prescriber again and gave her a few drops of “one drop in a million” of Causticum. The second dose again almost cured her and she was better in two days. Again, on the same day, I treated a patient for gastro-enteritis and this time I ventured on a billionth of a grain of Mercurius corrosivus. Next morning she was better. These successes continued for a month and then I emptied all my allopathic medicines down the sink. I have never looked back. I have found all I want for treatment in homoeopathy.

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