Presented by title before the I.H.A., Bureau of Clinical Medicine, June 23, 1934.




Mrs.M.,60 years of age, nullipara, married thirty years, was reported at deaths door after seven months in bed, having fallen off in weight from 168 to 90 pounds. Modern, scientific, regular treatment with no stopping of downward course.

I was called to consult with Dr.H., who was giving digitalis several times a day, also hypodermics of cacodylate and phosphate of soda daily. Patient had never had homoeopathic treatment, but as all, even the doctor, thought the end was a matter of a few days, they were willing to try it, if I could give them any encouragement. A few minutes examination convinced me the doctor was not treating the patient, but was treating his diagnosis, and when I suggested the cessation of all treatment except one powder by me for three days and if no better I would give back the patient, all agreed.

The throbbing carotids and tachycardia which the doctor was dosing with digitalis and causing such nausea that nothing, not even a swallow of water, had been retained for a week (so they said) and the vomiting that had been present for many weeks causing the wasting of flesh, it was not hard to see were caused by the drugs.

I could get little information except diarrhoeic stools, nausea, and prostration, and that she had been bilious ever since typhoid fever twenty-five years before, She had had the gall bladder drained five years later; malarial fever all one summer two years later.

Now the nub of this story is that I myself prescribed on a diagnosis, which was mistreated typhoid, with resulting liver troubles, malaria and hyperthyroidism. The powder was from the vial marked Psorinum 42M. It had been 42M. for over 42 years of constant use.

Then there was storm; chills every day for three days, but lessening each day, but no more nausea. As I was nearly two hundred miles away from home, and wanted to get back, and as there was reaction galore. I knew I could leave with a clear conscience. After several months constant improvement; with weight again 145, the treatment of a diagnosis was justified.


A laborer. forty years old, had a black water on right cheek of the exact size and thickness of a nickel. He had had it many years; he had had many doctors and applications and was advised to have it burned off or cut off, otherwise cancer would develop. It was called “cancerous” by two doctors, so he was worried and asked me if I could help him.

So I gave him Thuja, which every homoeopathic knows is the wart remedy. Two months, nothing done. Then I read in a copy of the Recorder a hint by Dr. R.E.S. Hayes that kali mur. was “it” for black warts, and as I believe every thing that Dr. Hayes says (sometimes), I gave that for three months. Then the man was getting uneasy, especially as he was paying for the “noble experiment”, so for fear of losing him I took the case a la Hahnemann. There was little to go on but offensive foot sweat and preference for warmth, so I gave Silica 30. At the end of a month it began to grow ! It became red instead of black, and by the end of the second months it dropped off, leaving no scar or mark, and the skin as smooth as any part of the body.


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