Tyler M L


SOMETIMES a present event wakes a past memory.

In student days Mr. x. was our lecturer in Surgery.

One day he arrived to apologise for having missed his previous lecture, and to say, that he would not disappoint us again.

He started: faltered: began to look “queer”: sat down: soon come to a standstill. He went into an adjoining room and sat, looking green, and put his head between his knees. Some of us followed to see what was wrong. He said, he had been operating on a septic abdomen in the country the day before, and had pricked the finger of one hand and cut one of the other hand:- a septic abdomen being the worst of infections.

He had a gland in each axilla. so he was put into a cab and sent home. But being young and enthusiastic, and having seen the marvellous effects of Crotalus hor. in a case of blackwater fever and in the huge abscess that followed, I had blurted all this out, and told him that I was going to send him this homoeopathic remedy. I dashed off to a homoeopathic chemist, then on to his house, and left the Crotalus (I think “6”) with directions.

Next morning he rang up-cheerily: “Tell the students I am much better”: whereas great rejoicing. Then we heard he had gone away for a change. In about a fortnight he was again lecturing, and after the lecture he lingered to tell me, “I took your medicine: I dont know whether it was that: but the man who did the same thing at Charing Cross died.” So far as I remember, he had developed an abscess and then he cleared up.

How many valuable lives of surgeons and their patients might not Crotalus yet save :- as it has done in the past. But – “My people is perished for lack of knowledge”.

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