Read by title before I.H.A., Bureau of Materia Medica, June 18, 1940.



How often we use a remedy successfully for a few conditions in a routine manner, but with no real knowledge of it! I had used Ledum in this way for many years, for bites and stings and punctured wounds and black eyes, but with no complete picture of the remedy and its possible action in more chronic conditions. I made my first study of Ledum in 1930 when my attention was led by the following case:.

Woman, age 65 years. He had a skin eruption for many months and has consulted several skin specialists in Minneapolis and Chicago. The condition has been diagnosed as psoriasis and lichen. She has been given no hope of a cure but light treatments have been advised. Her body was almost completely covered by red, scaly, irregularly circular spots, slightly purplish in the older areas and itchy. I gave her some ultra- violet ray treatments while studying her case and had tried some remedies without success.

One day she mentioned that the sudden stings which she felt were almost worse than the itching. They were sudden and she felt as though a bee had stung her. She had told me that she disliked heat and this shows what a wrong impression one may have if the sensations are not thoroughly investigated. She now admitted that she was very chilly but could not stand applied heat. A new study of her case now led to Ledum which was given in 30th potency. To our great delight the skin began to clear and was normal in a few weeks, and there has been no return to date.

In 1928 a seamstress, age 50 years, consulted me about a pain in her right thumb which had bothered her for five years. She had run a needle into this thumb five years before and although it was removed, the pain persisted. Ledum 30 relieved rapidly.

In 1930 a patient from an adjoining town came in to attend a convention and found it difficult to sit through the meetings because of itching feet. She was in a great hurry and I gave her a powder of Ledum 30 and Sac. lac.

She told me later that a friend who was with her thought it very odd to take medicine internally for itching feet. She said that she almost doubted herself, but when later in the day she realized she had forgotten about her feet, she knew the “magic”, as she always called the powders, had done its work again.

Another patient, now 75 years of age, has been troubled now and then with little blisters on her right foot which are very itchy. This condition bothers her in the summer here or at any time in California. She is always relieved promptly by a powder of Ledum 30. She is a very chilly person but cannot stand warm applications.

In August 1934 a young farmer came in complaining of stiffness of the lower jaw and neck, great chilliness and weakness. His temperature was 102. On inquiry, I found that he had run a piece of wire into the second joint of the middle finger of his right hand the preceding afternoon. Ledum 30 gave prompt relief. He slept well that night and had no further trouble.

In June 1932 a woman, age 43, came in complaining of hives of several months duration, from eating meat, cheese, milk and other proteid foods. She was miserable from lack of sleep and said that she had tried everything suggested but without relief. The stinging sensation that preceded the itching was the clue that led to the study of Ledum in this case. Relief was steady and she has had no return of the trouble until now. She has had no illness of any kind until the present time. Now she complaints of hives and asthma from sea foods, berries, ginger cookies. She is now 51 years of age and the menopause is beginning. She weeps without cause; is suffering from great mental depression. It will be interesting to see if Ledum helps now or what remedies are required.


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