THE necessity of obtaining an exhaustive medical history form ones patients has never been better exemplified to me than the two following cases.

One, a child, whose ill-health had been a life of misery and anxiety to the parents, who began to despair of ever rearing their only child, and torture to the unfortunate young patient.

The child, a bright boy of 61/2 years of age, thin, breathing asthmatically, chest somewhat contracted at the sternum (Pigeon chest), joints of the long bones enlarged, nasal breathing difficult, owing to enlargement of the turbinate bones, which caused him to breath through his mouth; chronic constipation was a great source of trouble. The medical history received from the parents is appended.

M —, 61/2 years old. The first six months, very little trouble other than finding milk to suit him; vaccinated did not take well, shortly a rash broke out on his back and buttocks. The doctor said this would required a strong ointment to cure. He wasted steadily, went to the “Clinic,” where his mother was advised to take him to the hospital at S—-.

Here he got still worse and was taken away by his parents. He was then taken urgently to Dr. B., who ordered him to a nursing home, where he improved, after three months stay.

In 1930, again in a nursing home, with pneumonia and whooping cough. The bowels and digestion went wrong. Chest X-rayed, no signs of T.B. Removed to Leeds. Teething with much pain and screaming; thought to be only teeth; but when they had come through Dr. A. said the child had asthma. He recommended it being seen by a specialist, who placed the child upon treatment for a year.

1933. The breathing still distressed the child, and it was taken to Dr. C., who ordered treatment in a nursing home. Injections were now tried over a period of some months.

1934. Again in a nursing home under Dr. C. Protein solution tried for some months. Asthma rather worse. winter in Torquay, with comparative freedom for five months.

1935. Returned Easter. Excellent health for five weeks, then slight attacks, one bad attack, thirty-six hours duration. During the past twelve months complains badly of pain in stomach. June 15th-30th, holiday at Torquay. Had three attacks during the holiday. Badly constipated, breath foul, stool offensive. Such was the state of affairs when I first saw him.

In looking for a likely cause one had to go back six years, as he had been healthy and normal until then. What could have happened for such a change to take place? There was only one thing and that was vaccination. The vaccination did not “take”. There was not a distinct local manifestation in the form of a sore at the site of the introduction of the lymph; hence, it acted as a blood poison, which set up a train of symptoms that were not amenable to treatment by the Allopathic specialists or the laboratory expert who took a sample of the childs blood and tried to find a remedy from it.

The case was obviously one of “vaccinosis” and Thuja was indicated right away. The child had a ravenous appetite in which when indulged in made his breathing oppressed. Attacks of irritability, great sensitiveness to cold evening air, weariness after walking indicated Cal. carb., which I gave in alternation with Thuja. In twenty four hours there was a change for the better, sleep improved asthma disappeared gradually, appetite more normal, bowels regular. The child started gaining weight and now looks the picture of health. He can run, cycle and romp about like any normal child his age.

Needless to say the parents who knew nothing of Homoeopathy before are now fully convinced it works wonders. There was little alteration in the dieting for the mother had been careful since the beginning.

Miss K., a tall brunette aged 26 years, consulted me about her headache which had persisted more or less for two years.

There was a history of chorea when fourteen years of age. There had been a growing want of confidence in herself and anxiety about her work. Hated to be corrected in her work and brooded over it. Headaches worse after 4 p.m. Languor in the mornings; sleepless if she has any special work to do. I gave her Scutellaria and Belladonna alternately.

On her next visit to me a week later, she stated her headache had disappeared almost immediately, and she felt any amount of confidence in herself and could face anything. In this case I paid attention to the chorea and decided upon the Scutellaria to bring about a cure.

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