Read by title before I.H.A., Bureau of Materia Medica, June 22,1934.



An incident in my practice reminded me of an article written twenty-old years ago for the Medical Advance by Dr.John Hutchinson of New York, one of the keenest and most consistent Hahnemannians that it has ever been my privilege to know. In that article he reported a proving in a patient to whom he had given the constitutional remedy, the patient, who also a physician, consenting that the effect be continued in this way. The result was an interesting conformation of the records of Hahnemann and Hering.

The incident of my own above referred to was this: I prescribed Mimulus luteus for an ailment in a bright and sensitive woman and very quickly cured her of the symptoms complained of all produced unexpectedly a proving of the same remedy.

This woman works with an associate who is a dreadful pest, whining, criticising, complaining and talking about the business continually and my patient was in a very tense state mentally and physically from a year or more of this persistent influence. She felt as if the mind were so taxed she would have to scream. She had become so that any little unfavorable circumstance affected her acutely, quite the opposite state of her former self- possession. She craved quiet and silence; felt always in a hurry; was thirsty; felt that her breathing was hard and was developing an aversion to any activity. This tension was now extending to the physical sphere with stiff painfulness of the arms and of the spine extending out to the scapulae, worse on the right side, with prickling, desire for motion. These parts became “dead and lifeless” at night in bed better rising and moving; it caused nausea.

For this condition Mimulus luteus in the 1000th attenuation, d.u., was given. The above symptoms were gone almost immediately and the patient felt greatly relieved mentally and nervously. But other symptoms appeared meanwhile, as follows:

Crowding sensation in the throat spreading to the sides and root of tongue as if paralysed; then shooting into the head with quick breathing. Suddenly, at night, intense tension; it was an hour before she could relax at all.

Shooting pains from the dorsal back up the neck to the back of the head and down the arms.

A cough came on, increasing each day, loud, rattling squeaking, from irritation in the trachea, coming to a climax of the aggravation in a week, beginning each evening and continuing until 1 or 2 a.m., uncontrollable.

All symptoms were worse at night, although despite the disturbances she slept unusually well and restfully, but woke in severe tension as if she could not possibly move, tension of muscles with the head drawn back and to one side or the other; with nausea.

Aching from the upper dorsal region to the neck and head.

A lump came up on the forehead, to all appearances, of bone. This remained several weeks.

Trembling internally with an urge as if she must gradually talk louder and faster and faster with bated breath and a feeling that she must get alone and calm herself by effort of the will.

She posed and expressed attitudes of fear while relating these, in fact, all her symptoms, a state quite foreign to her usual demeanor.

The symptoms would be suddenly abated by any good or bad news or engaging conversation.

Energy and endurance extraordinary, as if forced.

With all this there was no emotional disturbance as before taking the remedy, instead she felt inwardly unusually calm and much better in general.

A headache from the cervical region to the vertex, bringing on nausea.

No desire to eat. Heaviness in the chest to the stomach after a little food.

Withal, her feelings seemed so odd to her (not knowing that medicine was the cause) that she was interested in favoring the progress of her symptoms to see what would happen next. (How true this is to what we know of the self-meditative Mimulus patient!)

Leucorrhoea appeared; scanty, colorless, but of dreadful odor.

All the above symptoms except the nodosity disappeared abruptly. The patient has been much better since and able to endure a trying environment in a way that surprises herself.

The Mimulus condition or patient is hard to detect, doubly so because of lack of provings, But they are everywhere; plentiful. There is no doubt that they are daily passed over and the attention of the prescriber conferred on some other “totality” or syndrome, when it is Mimulus that would free the spiritual energy, transforming it into a freer and fuller life externally. Therefore this fragment of a big remedy is given that it may help in perceiving and safeguarding the choice of the remedy. What it is worth is what the student of it may make it worth. Some will understand, appreciate and transmute it into real life.


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