Allan D Sutherland

   Listening to music brings on the cough of Ambra grisea; as soon as the music begins, the patient begins to cough.


Ambra grisea has a peculiar sensation peculiarly expressed. It is that of embarrassment, that will not allow the patient to urinate or to evacuate the bowels in the presence of a nurse, or in strange surroundings.

Aranea diadema has a clockwork periodicity symptoms that puts Cedron in the shade.

Kent said that when sick people have no symptoms they are incurable, but in such cases Psorinum, Tuberculinum, Sulphur or Tarentula will often establish reaction and bring out symptoms or eruptions and begin a new life process; but he warns us that Psorinum will generally fail if the patient is warm and wants open air.

Food feels as if it followed a corkscrew route in the Elaps patient after he swallows it.

If a patient complains of rheumatic pains, and with it there is great restlessness and inability to keep quiet, consider Trombidium before jumping to the conclusion that it is a Rhus tox. case.

Trombidium has many of the “dragging down” and pushing out” sensation similar to Lilium tig., especially of the bowels, rectum and anus.

When every noise reverberates and penetrates the whole body, especially the teeth, even to causing nausea and vomiting, think of Theridion cur.

H.C. Allen advises us to think of Pyrogen in septic states or conditions dating back to septic states, where the best selected remedies fail to relieve or permanently improve- analogous to the action of Sulphur or Psorinum in other conditions.

Murex has an “all-gone” sensation in the stomach that is much more strongly marked than in Sepia or Sulphur.-H.A.ROBERTS.

You must be careful how you give Sulphur in old syphilitic cases.-F.E. GLADWIN.

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