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Rheumatic fever from exposure to cold, whether it be dry or damp, Hepar sulph, psorinum and Tuberculinum.

Your Rhus tox, rheumatic fever patient needs to be done up in cotton batting and to lie between woollen sheet to prevent exposure, for the exposed part will be the next to be attacked.

Rheumatic fever with the pains quickly alternating from one side to the other, Amm.mur., Lac. can. Rheumatic fever only in the winter, well in the summer only to return in the winter, well in the summer only to return in the fall,Nux mosch.

Metastasis of rheumatic fever to the heart, Anac.,Apis,Aur.,, Cact, grand, Kalmia, Lac can-H.A.ROBERTS.

Sulphur is very dangerous for only people-E.UNDERHILL,JR.

If your plump women patients complain of constipation, it may be well to find out if this condition is constitutional or induced by wearing garments which bind them closely about the lower abdomen and hips-H.A.ROBERTS.

Bryonia symptoms arise most frequently in extremes in weather,either the extreme heat of simmer or the cold of winter, and in either case the cause is sudden chill in-from hot rooms to the cold out-door air in winter or from plunging into cold water in summer-E.UNDERHILL, JR.

The pains of Colchicum are not as severe in the summer attacks of rheumatic fever as they are in the winter attacks.

Changeable symptoms are seen all through the Pulsatilla patient-H.A.ROBERTS.

Dulcamara,with its characteristics fall aggravations more often indicated in rural destructs than in the large cities- E.UNDERHILL, JR.

I notice this great difference between TABACUM, and Lobelia. They both have a violent effect on the stomach, but with the Lobelia their is always a thoracic difficulty with nausea, while the TABACUM may have the nausea in a very severe form and yet no thoracic difficulty-G.E.DIENST. Reprinted from The Journal of the A.I.H. In the distress after eating we must compare Nux vomica with Abies nigra, which has distress immediately after eating, and with Kreosotum, which has the symptom that three or four hours after eating the patient vomits.

Think of Nux vomica in asthma brought on by dyspepsia,alcohol.,and other excesses.

The individuality of Ignatia amara lies.

In its mental state and condition.

In the superficial character of it symptoms.

In their erratic character.

Think of Ignatia in dysmenorrhoea with menstrual colic on bearing down in the hypogastric region. Hysterical labor-like pains relieved by pressure. Dark flow. Suppression of menses from grief. Vaginismus. Pruritus of your girls suppressed menstruation with melancholy,indifference to things loved best, sits along and weeps, imagines things,especially that she might go crazy, in all parts crawling sensation as if gone to sleep, as if are black,generally too soon but always black. Purulent leucorrhoea with pruritus. Sharp irritating ovarian pain. The daughters or rheumatic fathers are liable to ovaralgia. The Ignatia menorrhagia is too early, to profuse, dark,clotted and offensive much like Chamomilla, but the character of the patient and pains are different; patient is cross and peevish.

Cocculus indicus has uterine spasms, dark flow; the backache differentiates; Weak, lame feeling in the small of the back as if paralyzed , limbs tremble,sensation of hollowness in cavities as in abdomen and chest.

Pulsatilla has menstrual colic, dark and delayed menses, chargeable flow,the more severe pains in more chilly the patients get.

Actea racemosa ahead pains which fly across the hypogastrium from side to side.

Magnesia muriatica has uterine spasms with induration of the uterus.

The fever of Ignatia is partial in all stages,the chills not relieved by heat, and is accompanied by excessive thirst. the fever is unaccompanied by thirst. Heat external and internal severing.

Nux vomica has no relieve from covering or heat of stove.

Capsicum has relief from hot bottles, etc. Is aggravated by drink of water.

Lachesis longs for heat of fire but it doe not relieved W.A.DEWEY.

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