Bilious diarrhoea, verging on dysentery, with mucous stools. Most intense pain in upper abdomen coming on at stool, which is thin and hot but not copious; after stool profound weakness and mild cramp in left calf.

Profuse bloody discharges from rectum, sometimes in large, clotted masses, followed by shivering.

Diarrhoea. Green watery, slimy, yellow; curdled like boiled potato chopped up with greens; thin, cream colored; watery; smelling like rotten eggs; stools pass involuntarily; penetrating, pungent odor to stool.

Cholera infantum, with opisthotonos, vomiting and watery diarrhoea, profuse discharge of blood and pus. Cholera infantum in extremis (Drs. Swan and Hussy). Stool soft and mushy, forcible expulsion, hurried desire. Child of 15 months brought on pillow to clinic, apparently dead, eyes glassy, set, could not find pulse, greenish, yellow, thin, horribly offensive stool running from anus.

Constipation with cramping pains and ineffectual urging to stool, worse evening, company and travelling on the train; stools tenacious, clay-like, sluggish, cannot be forced from a sense of prolapsus of rectum; constriction and inertia of bowels with ball-like stools; round balls and hard lumpy stool. Can only pass stool by leaning far back, very painful, as from a lump on posterior surface of sphincter, so painful causes tears. Leans far back to force stool, then shivers.

Tension in rectal muscles, too restless to sit, walks about for relief distress in abdomen; anxious restlessness, similar to Ars.

Inactivity of rectum.

Babies with fiery red rash about genitals and buttocks, often with marked constipation and dry, hard stools. (Dr. H.B. Baker).

Fiery red, itching anus. Oozing of moisture from anus, foetid like fish brine (Calc.carb.). Pin worms.

Rectal tenesmus during urination, sharp needle-like pains in rectum; piles.

Severe cases of constipation when everything else has failed (Dr. A. Pulford).

Constipation, had not had a normal movement for 20 years, with colicky pain worse sun up to sun down (Dr. P.E. Krichbaum).

Sycosis of rectum thin, ichorous discharge producing itching and burning, preventing sleep; blisters formed from contact of skin with discharge.

Relapsing infantile diarrhoea; father had had gonorrhoea.


Intense renal colic (The giving of Polygonum sag. 2x for nephritic colic is one of the bright spots in my work, three doses only are necessary generally. Dr. C.M. Boger); severe pain in ureters with sensation as of passing of calculus; during kidney attack great craving for ice; renal colic better in knee chest position; pain in renal region, better by profuse urination (Lyc., Tarent.), (worse by urination, Syph.).

Bubbling sensation in right kidney, causing faintness; deathly feeling in kidneys with great mental depression; prostration after urination.

Formication in region of kidneys.

Parenchymatic inflammation of kidneys; albuminous urine with hyaline casts, when patient is waxy and feet and ankles oedematous and sore on least pressure; soles of feet so tender he cannot walk on them, and skin of soles is bluish and hot.

Inflammation of bladder, prostate gland, kidneys; child with severe cystitis, urine light colored, filled with mucus, extreme pain in urethra, end of penis inflamed.

Scanty; high colored; copious, pale urine; strong smelling; pungent smelling; ammoniacal; copious mucus in urine, urine covered with a thick, greasy pellicle. (Par., Psor.); urine scalding.

Frequent urging to urinate; almost constant desire to urinate; if there be any delay an intensely nervous sensation, with either burning or chilliness all over body; urgent desire to urinate; cannot wait a minute; worse during menstruation; dribbling urine; stream forks (MERC. COR., THUJA), the forks cross each other and pass in expanding sheets forming ribbon spray; in urinating very slow stream with sharp, cutting pains transversely across root of penis; flow intermittent, feeble flow.

Painful tenesmus in bladder; worse AFTER LAST DROPS; worse thinking of pain; must get up four or five times at night, beginning after he gets warm in bed; almost unbearable pain at conclusion of urination (Berb., Equis., Sars., Thuja); sensation as if bladder had not emptied, last drop burns and produces great prostatic soreness; burning on urination; rectal tenesmus during urination.

Chilliness with full bladder.

After urination great coldness and shivering, syncope, prostration.

POLYURIA, diabetes.

Nocturnal enuresis, large quantity pungent smelling urine.


Nocturnal emissions and impotency in young men who have had gonorrhoea, especially if treated by injections. Prolonged gleety discharge with rheumatic symptoms and declining health. For gonorrhoeal rheumatism it is a most important remedy, it controls rheumatic symptoms and restores the discharge (Dr. J.T. Kent).

Nocturnal emissions followed by great weakness and miserable feeling all day. Sexual desire increased.

Gleety discharge, scanty, yellowish, gumming up the orifice, or profuse yellowish, purulent, most copious in the morning. Intercurrent in chronic gonorrhoea.

Pain in left spermatic cord, left sciatic nerve, lumbago from every exposure to a draft, with history of gonorrhoea. Induration of testes and pain in spermatic cords; soreness, swelling and dragging of testes.

Burning in meatus during urination and a feeling of soreness through whole urethra, also a feeling after urinating as if something more remained.

Sycotic warts cured by one dose after nine months of careful treatment had failed. Sycotic gonorrhoea, followed by a second attack with chancroids. Ulcers all over prepuce and as they improved the warts began to grow all over glans, back of corona, inside prepuce and frenum, enormous seed warts, the head of penis was two or three times natural size, the warts were very moist and secreted a yellowish stinking fluid, they bled very easily, the odor was very perceptible in a room with him, but his general health was much improved. Dr. W.P. Wesselhoeft advised Med., gave CM. In one week he was better, discharge and odor gone; in two weeks warts reduced to one-third size, and in six weeks entirely gone (Dr. H.C. Allen).

Chancre like ulcer on prepuce (had had neither syphilis nor gonorrhoea).


Great sexual after menses.

Sterility of many years, profuse leucorrhoea causing itching, became pregnant a few weeks after Med. (Dr. C.M. Boger).

Ovarian region, chronic pain, enlarged ovaries. Pain in left ovary with sensation as if a sac were distended and would burst, sensation as if something were pulling it down, causing it to be sore, pain when walked passed to left groin, as if leg pushed something; great amount of heat. Left ovary enlarged, intense heat and severe aching pain, could not bear pressure, though it seemed as though she must press it; burning heat. Great pain in both ovaries extending downward into both groins, could not walk nor stand long, better by lying flat on face. Bearing down sensation in left ovary. Constant pain in ovaries during intermenstrual period. Tense pains in right ovary, passing diagonally in right ovary, followed by a bubbling sensation.

Cutting like knives in whole pelvic region, much soreness and tenderness to pressure, the slightest pressure causing her to suffer for hours; intense, excruciating, neuralgic pain extending downward through ovarian region to uterus; dull pain in pelvis if back is not supported.

Uterus, ulceration of neck of uterus, covered with stringy pus, distinct soreness and nervous pain in lower part of uterus on left side, worse walking or moving left leg. Chronic intrauterine inflammation. Burning, drawing sensation in uterus after driving, standing on feet, or when weary.

Pulling and pain in sacrum and pubic region as if menses were coming on.

DYSMENORRHOEA, severe pains in uterus during menses, burning in sacrum and hips during menses. Intense menstrual pain, varicose veins, worse during menses. Membranous dysmenorrhoea with terrible pain of grinding character. Menstrual colic causing drawing up of knees, bearing down labor-like pains, with pressing feet against support as in labor. Convulsions at every menstrual period, coming on in early morning.

Menstrual flow, profuse, dark clotted, or bright red with faintness and some pain, very dark, stains difficult to wash out, spoiled fish odor, profuse but painless, flows in gushes, worse on moving or even raising arms.

Leucorrhoea, profuse, yellowish, thin, acrid, producing severe PRURITUS. ITCHING INTOLERABLE, worse by rubbing (Coff.), better bathing frequently with tepid water, odor of decayed fish, yellow, profuse, running down clothes to feet, stiffening lines; stains indelibly; albuminous, white of egg consistency, OBSTINATE LEUCORRHOEA; child, leucorrhoea with soreness around vulva and anus.

ITCHING of vagina and labia, worse thinking of it.

Uterus subinvoluted, sensitive to slightest pressure, six cases (Dr. J.H. Allen). Painful hypertrophy of uterus, burning, drawing sensation in uterus after driving, standing, or when weary.

Chancres, small on edge of right labia, not venereal.

Breasts, short, shooting pains passing outwards; breasts cold as ice to touch, especially nipples during menses, rest of body warm; oozing, icy nipples, nipples sore, sensitive and inflamed, soreness of nipples; a gummy secretion, drying on orifice, when picked off nipple bleed freely. Breasts and nipples very tender to touch, also inflamed, large, but not painful, swelling of left breast. Breasts sore and very sensitive at non-menstrual period.

Offensive perspiration around genitals.

Retained placenta.


Hoarse, especially while reading or from continued use of voice, with occasional loss of voice, hawking up of mucus; hoarseness during day with soreness and elongation of uvula.

Spasm of glottis with clucking in larynx, air expelled with difficulty, inhaled with ease; choking caused by a weakness or spasm of epiglottis, larynx stopped so that air could not enter, only > by lying on face and protruding tongue (acet. ac.), (Asthma, Dr. Miller, Glasgow).

DRYNESS of larynx causes spasms and cough on falling asleep. DRYNESS, soreness and choking, with pain during deglutition.

Soreness in larynx as if ulcerated, larynx sore on coughing, tearing sensation as if lining of larynx had been torn off (CEPA, as if cough would tear or split larynx).

Sensation as of something foreign in larynx with dyspnoea, constriction and frequent painful swallowing; sensation of a lump in larynx with very painful deglutition.

Tenacious mucus in larynx, bronchial catarrh spreading to larynx with swelling of tonsils and glands of throat, and extending into ears with transient deafness.


Air hunger. Desires to take a deep breath, wakes gasping for breath, difficulty in breathing with momentary faintness; very marked stuffed feeling in chest made her gasp for breath, has to fill lungs, but no power to eject air.

Great oppression of breathing daily at 5 p.m.; sensation of constriction, faint suffocative feeling when sitting up in bed, as if thorax were full. Suffocation and short of breath on least exertion. Smothering sensation, > by eating.

After a deep inspiration singular piping and croaking in bronchi, coarse rales.

Breath hot, feels so even when breathing through nose.



Cough from tickling under upper part of sternum, incessant, dry, < at night, just as she is falling asleep, dry hacking cough, cough deep and hollow like a coughing in a barrel, dry cough with rattling in chest, cough at night causing retching, asthmatic cough causes her to sit up most of night, yellow sputum. Cough < at night, from sweets, lying down, warm room, when tired and nervous, on falling asleep, on entering warm room, after eating.

Cough > LYING ON ABDOMEN, (Amm. carb., Bar. carb., Calc. carb., Caust., Eup. per., Phos.), resting on hands and knees (cina, Eup. per., Pareira brava), lying on face.

During cough darting pains through scapulae; weak, sinking sensation under sternum; INTENSE PAIN IN CHEST; terribly painful as if larynx would be torn to pieces; as if mucous membrane of larynx would be torn off; flabby feeling in bronchial tubes, as if lining membrane were a loose fold of tissue; aching across kidneys, painful shock at base of each lung; rattling in chest; cold pain in right lung and liver.

Great rattling of mucus which appears to be low down in chest, cannot cough deep enough to reach mucus (Caust.) unless he lies on face; rattling, wheezing, whistling when lying on back or either side when coughing.

Expectoration, yellow white; albuminous; little green bitter balls; ropy, difficult to raise; tenacious mucus; greenish yellow, viscid; as if flecked with tiny dark specks; greyish yellow, gelatinous mucus without taste; greyish mucus, mixed with blood.

Dr. H.C. Allen relates the following interesting case: “During a maneuver in the army in 1885, Dr. V. got wet by a heavy rain coming into the tent during a whole night. From this he got a hacking cough, on rising in the morning and in the open air. It sounded as if he was calling someone, and people would turn and look at him with angry eyes. His throat was thoroughly examined by a specialist, but nothing was found. In 1901, after 16 years of coughing, he consulted Dr. Ide, one of the greatest homoeopathic physicians. He ordered the doctor to take one dose of Medorrhinum, and await the result. On reaching home he took the dose, and next morning had no cough, nor did he cough afterwards, even in the open air. As an officer he had had a gonorrhoea, of which he could not rid himself. From this he always had an unpleasant feeling and burning pain. This all vanished like magic”.


oppression of chest, < left side; as if chest painfully contracted, < coughing; anguish in chest, driving to distraction, > walking in open air (Bac., Kali phos.); anxiety and sadness centered in chest, < company, < music, < morning and evening; constricted sensation in bottom of both lungs.

MANY PAINS IN CHEST. Very painful pneumonias (Dr. P.E. Krichbaum). Darting pains through lungs make her start; sharp pain in bottom of left lung. Pain in upper part of right lung when using arm; very sharp, stitching pains in bottom of right lung, also over surface of lungs; stitching pains in bottom of right lung, also over surface of lungs; left lung very painful, feels drawn to left side; rheumatic, sharp pains in chest on exposure to damp, cold air; stitching pains in chest; aching in left lung under scapula, indescribable, as if it was drawn up in hand and then let loose, < after walking; pain in left upper chest through to shoulder; sore spot in left lung; lung feels as if beaten or bruised; chest sore to touch.

Burning over chest, piece of ice cools it for an instant, then it is hotter than ever; feels as if her breath was fanning a blistered sore in lung; as if there was a cavity across lower sternum filled with burning air, which dilated in puffs in all directions: heat like a furnace in chest; sensation as of a red hot bolt extending through to lower part of back, left lung becomes excessively hot when walking in sun, severe burning at base of tongue extending down bronchi, as if a he had inhaled hot -steam; left side of chest, from top of lung to waist, as hot as fire.

Sensation of coldness in chest and mammae, cold pain in right lung and liver on coughing, right lung becomes cold when walking in sun.

Sensation of a cavity in chest.

Fatigue in left lung after talking, as if collapsed or paralyzed.

Takes cold from slightest exposure, begins in head and goes down to lungs, raw feeling extending from throat to lungs as if mucous membranes was scraped with a knife, < morning, sensations as if lungs were stuffed with cotton, < by breathing cold air.


Palpitation from slightest exertion, heavy heart throbbings, fluttering about heart.

Heart feels very hot with heat in chest, beats very fast and felt large, accompanied with a bursting sensation; burning in heart went through to back and down left arm.

Feeling as of a cavity where heart ought to be.

Pain in heart, stitching pain in apex comes and goes quickly, < motion, intense pain in heart radiating to different parts of left chest, < from least movement, dull pain in heart with pain in left arm and sensation as if hand was swollen, pain from sore spot below left scapula to heart with violent palpitation.


Pain and soreness through chest and mammae, great soreness to pressure of lower left chest, front and back, < when moving left shoulder blade.

Sensation of an abscess at anterior boundary of left axilla, hard and sensitive to touch, drawing pains in every direction, < motion of arm, great heat extending through to back of shoulder.


Drawing in cords of neck causing desire to throw head back, swelling of cord of neck, with aching pain in base of brain, spasms of neck muscles, notably steno-mastoid, drawing chin firmly down to chest.

Enlarged cervical glands, glands sensitive to touch and painful when moving head.

Pain in neck and between scapulae running to either shoulder and down to lumbar region, pain across from left to right shoulder, excruciating pain in cervical and dorsal spine extending to shoulders, agonizing pain across and through both shoulders which caused unconsciousness lasting for hours.

GREAT HEAT in upper part of spine, burning under right scapula, burning, crawling under left scapula, burning glow in cerebellum and down spine, intense burning heat from back of neck extending down spine with a contractive stiffness extending into head and seeming to thicken the scalp, heat in medulla and spine.

Contractive pain across scapulae, passing down spine, drawing shoulders back tight, as if bones would be crushed, < moving shoulders, neck or arms.

Pain in back between shoulders.

Cutting under left scapula. Chilliness between scapulae extending to sides and back of arms, < morning and afternoon, malarial, dumb chills.

SPINAL SORENESS and TENDERNESS and stiffness of muscles of back extending entire length, tenderness of spinal column when stretching.

SPINAL ANAEMIA (Kali phos.).

Throbbing in lumbar spine brought on by any emotional excitement or over-exertion, becomes so severe it takes her breath.

“Lame back,” lumbar or lumbo-sacral, extending down legs, drawing pain in back and limbs, stiffness in back on rising or beginning to move, < damp, cold weather.

Lumbago caused by strain in lifting.

Soreness and aching across kidneys, when she stoops she cannot rise again without violent pain in region of kidneys, creeping chills in region of right kidney, as if caused by icy cold insects with claws, creeping in region of left kidney.

Tension in lumbar region extending down posterior aspect of thighs, < stooping, > walking, < sitting.

Pain in lumbar region, > by profuse urination, < lying on back.

Sensation of water dropping out of a bottle in lumbar region.

Soreness of coccyx, < lying on back at night, while sitting, and especially when rising from a seat.


Rheumatic pain in left shoulder, < from motion, occasional little darts of pain if kept still. Rheumatic pain in right shoulder and arm, hurts most to move it back (Sanic.), or straight out from side, < at night or from any pressure on back of shoulder which pushes shoulder forward, < from weight of bed- clothes on arm,, pain extends to fingers, fingers pain when moved.

Neuritis in right arm and shoulder extending to neck and occiput.

Pain under left scapula running down left arm to little finger, which pricked as if asleep.

Brown, itching eruption on left shoulder. Itching and irritation inside elbow joints.

Hair on arms above elbows, very thick (Berridge).

Cold numbness on outer, side of arms just below elbow, sharp pain in elbow when moving it, cracking of joints, especially elbows. Right arm cold.

Left forearm and hand numb, unable to hold anything with force, any attempt to raise arm caused a sense of discomfort and irritability, numbness of hands while sewing or grasping anything, cannot even hold paper for any length of time, veins become enlarged, very painful to raise arms.

Numbness of arms and hands, < left, numbness of hands at night even if not lain on.

Trembling of hands and arms, cramping pain in first and second fingers of right hand.

Shooting pain in left wrist to hand.

Burning hands, wants them uncovered and fanned, intense burning in palms, burning and itching of hands, first left then right, hot numbness of backs of hands.

Roughness of back of hands, small yellow spots on hands.

Cold hands, first right then left, with coldness extending all over body.

Finger tips burn and crack. Itching between fingers.

Hang nails. Inflammation around nails. Transverse depression on nails as if they were bent, consumptive incurvation of nails, nails dry and brittle.

Perspiration of palms, soles and axilla, < by anxiety.

Rheumatism of wrists with complete loss of power, arm had to be carried in a sling.

Almost entire loss of nervous force in arms; exhausted by slightest effort.


Lameness and stiffness of larger joints, < change of weather from warm to cold, < from continued motion. Lame and stiff, sharp, stitching pains.

Rheumatic pains here and there, < damp weather. Sensation of being disjointed, joints seem weak (Bac., Thuja). Chronic rheumatic pains in cold, damp weather, gonorrhoeal rheumatism. Rheumatic symptoms in extremities are of extreme severity.

Wakens with a sharp pain over left hip, prevents stooping and makes walking difficult, aching in hip joints and knees.

Sensation of heaviness, or want of power to move limbs in walking, legs are so heavy they feel like lead. Trembling, weakness, numbness, heaviness of legs, legs give way, numbness of right leg, numbness of thighs.

Legs ache all night preventing sleep, aching as if in bones, < motion.

Tension from back to legs on stooping, as if flexors were too short, drawing under knees and in ankles.

Trembling weakness and numbness of lower extremities, must stretch them constantly which relieves, stiffness and soreness in flesh and periosteum.

Some pains come on during motion and some are relieved by continued motion.

Pains in ischiatic bones while sitting or leaning backwards, aching in ischiatic bones, must constantly change position for relief, legs easily get numb as if paralyzed if he leans back resting on ischiatic bones, pains < while sitting, impelled to keep legs in motion and to stretch them.

During a severe thunder storm very sharp pain in knees shot upwards, < by stretching.

Aching pain in legs with inability to keep them still in bed, < when giving up control of himself, as when trying to sleep.

Weak kneed when getting up from a chair, left knee gives way, knees tremble, legs tremble from knees down, < left leg. Right knee painful, red and swollen.

Rheumatic pains in calves and lack of power in legs, cramps in calves and soles at night. Legs dead, heavy like wood and throbbing from knees down.

Popliteal spaces cold, both sides, legs cold up to knees, coldness of ankles.

Restlessness of legs, must move them constantly, restless hot feet.

Ankles turn easily when walking, ankles sore and stiff. Awkwardness, tendency to fall, lack of finer coordination of lower limbs, with occipital vertigo. Walks stooped, stumbles. Loss of nervous force in legs, exhausted by slightest effort.

Crural and sciatic pains. Burnett cured fully half of his left sided sciatics with Med., especially if patient had acid mouth and filthy tongue early in morning. Acute pain in tendo Achilles.

Oedematous swelling of lower limbs, oedema of feet followed and relieved by diarrhoea, varicose veins about calves and ankles, < at menses, varicose veins in legs and thighs.

Very thick hair on legs from knees down (Berridge).

Rheumatism of ankles, with complete loss of power, unable to walk.

Swollen legs are so sore he cannot have them touched or endure the pressure to ascertain whether the swelling will or will not pit on pressure (Dr. J.T. Kent).

Clonic spasms, legs suddenly shot up from the bed.

Sharp pain in soles when first stepping on them in the morning, not at any other time.

Burning feet, wants them uncovered and fanned, puts them out of bed to cool them off (Cham., Sanic., Sulph.), heat beginning in feet and passing upward.

Swelling and a sensation of weight in feet.

Soles of feet bluish and hot, swelling and itching of soles, flushes of heat in feet at night, burning in sole of left foot.

TENDERNESS OF SOLES so that he could not stand on them at all and had to walk on his knees, SORE FEET, soreness in ball of foot under toes. Sore and tender feet, especially of sycotic origin (Ruta often relieves sore feet of clerks or those who walk on hard floors). Callus.

Extremely sensitive, swollen bunions, < left foot, puffed, very red, itching, must remove shoes and rub them, very sensitive to pressure, flesh feels as if cracked open, < evening after being on feet all day, almost unendurable, < warm days, feet swollen, tender, hot (Dr. W.A. Yingling).

Pain, swelling and inflammation of right great toe, pains shooting when sitting still, great toe covered with scales.

Cold, sweaty feet, foot sweat in winter (Arg. nit.), perspiration of soles of feet, < by anxiety.

Cracks between toes, at times bleeding. Eruption under and on toes.

Corns sore with stitching pains, corns very tender.


Intense nervous sensibility respecting touch of garment or a lock of hair by anyone not en rapport.

Intense restlessness and anxiety, < at night, tossing and moaning, systolic blood pressure 250, reduced to 165.

Seething, restless, uneasy, unbalanced nerves.

Restlessness, cannot keep still, greatly relieved by clutching hands very tight.

Unusually active, going as if on wings.

Spells of faintness, with burning heat and perspiration, obliged to uncover, then soon becomes cold, feels faint and wants to be fanned (carbo veg.), sensation as if she would faint, followed by a great heat down spine and between shoulders, faintness early in a.m., with no appetite.

Consumptive languor, great depression of vitality. Tired all the time.

Trembling all over, great nervousness and profound exhaustion, trembling and quivering, growing steadily weaker, great general subjective trembling, even tongue felt trembling, quivering sensation with tingling and numbness.

Intense formication all over body.

Bites nails.

Subject to neuralgias. Extremely sensitive to pain.

Attacks of hysteria with numbness in different parts of body and great flatulence in stomach and bowels.

Tonic spasm, rigid extension of arms and legs, hands everted, palms outward, thumbs down, fingers clawlike.

Epileptiform spasms, with foaming at mouth, rigidity of body and limbs. Opisthotonos, Risus sardonicus.

State of collapse, nearly gone, wants to be fanned all the time, wants more air, cold and pulseless with cold perspiration, throws off all covers.

“Medorrhinum in the same sphere is characterized by great disturbance and irritability of the nervous system from center to periphery. Its pains are intolerable, tensive, shooting, neuralgic. It produces tension, involuntary tension, which cannot be relaxed except by voluntary effort of the will. Its nerves are easily shocked, it is easily startled at the slightest sound. Its restlessness is relieved by clutching hands very tight. Its nerves quiver, tingle, tremble and produce spasms.

It is also cold, yet throws the covers off and wants to be fanned. It is < by warmth, even when too cold to be fanned. It is < by warmth even when too cold to touch, as in collapse. It is also < by wet, damp, draft and thunderstorms. As to time it is worse from sunrise to sunset, worse mornings and bright evenings. Its functional disturbance covers a long period before organic destruction begins. Its general condition is > near the seashore and < inland.” (H.C. Allen).


Excessive desire to yawn; sleepy, yawning, chilly, sleepy but cannot sleep. Spasmodic yawning, cannot suppress it, followed by spasm of the glottis.

Asleep but hears everything, answers questions as if awake. Nightmare or feels as if she would have nightmare.

Sleeps at night on knees with face forced in pillow, in kneeling position (Petrol., Sepia), child sleeps on hands and knees (Cina), can only sleep on back with hands over head, if she lies on either side the contents of chest and abdomen seem to press upon each other and cause discomfort.

Sleep with wearing dreams of walking, waking with impression that she had slept for hours, although it had only been 30 minutes, a short nap seems a long one but relieves (Nux vom.) On falling asleep starting and violent jerking up of legs.

Very restless nights and terrible dreams of ghosts and dead people, dreads night to come. Restless sleep, talking and tossing all night with copious sweat of head, neck and chest, had to dry her hair several times in the night; when asleep day or night, no mater several times in the night; when asleep day or night, no matter how short the nap, profuse perspiration on face and neck. Bites tip of tongue in sleep.

Awakens from sleep in fright several times during night, frightened sensation on waking as if something terrible had happened, startled on waking. Complaints rousing from sleep. On waking there is a confused and semiconscious state of anxiety, fear and restlessness.

Great restlessness at night, sleepy but cannot sleep, sleepless forepart of night, after midnight, after 4 a.m. (Bac., Sulph).

Dreams horrid, painful, exhausting, that she is drinking, of friends and places of long ago, sad and full of remorse, < after midnight, mournful tinge to dreams concerned with past events, of ghosts and dead people, of walking.

Slept well but awoke with a frightened sensation at an early hour, as if something dreadful had happened, the weight on the head was heavy and great heat in it, could not rest in bed, felt as though she must do something to rid her mind of this dreadful torture, she struggled against it, fought with what seemed to be the adversary, scolded herself herself for her weakness, all to no purpose, and grew weak with effort, she cannot describe the mental agony she endured. (Dr. H.C. Allen).


Chills with shivering and chattering, begin in fingers and toes with thirst during chill, none during fever, feet cold first, after chill excessive languor, coldness of legs up to knees, also of hands and forearms, coldness of right hand, then left, chills alternating with flashes of heat, shivering chill with boring pains in chest.

Chilly, followed by fever lasting until 2 a.m. followed by sweat, seldom slept until fever began.

Chilliness < 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., with fear of becoming unconscious and incapacitated.

Creeping chills running up and down back, and all over body in zigzag course.

Chills at 10:30 a.m., from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., 10 to 11 a.m., 11 a.m., 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m.

Cold and pulseless with cold sweat, cold skin but blood feels hot (Sec.cor.).

Sensitive to heat with chilliness.

Sensitive to drafts and coolness, extremely sensitive to cold, damp weather.

Burning heat with sweat, wants to uncover but is chilled by uncovering. Must be fanned all the time, throws off covers yet surface is cold, mostly subjective burning of hands and feet, wants them uncovered and fanned.

Great general internal heat after dinner, as if blood was boiling hot in veins, also after slight exertion, great burning heat all over body with flashes of heat in face and neck.

Fever with or without thirst, with gushes of perspiration on face followed by languor, with nervousness from midnight to 3 a.m., falls asleep during fever, after fever sweat on palms, feet and legs.

Great tendency to perspire on exertion with sensitiveness to cold, profuse sweat about neck, copious night sweat, easy sweat towards morning, profuse perspiration without weakening effect, offensive perspiration.


Great yellowness of skin, discoloration of skin in varying shades of black, pearly whiteness of skin, especially of legs, with exfoliation of a shower of fine flakes on rubbing briskly. Psoriasis.

Intense and incessant itching, fugitive, < towards night, sometimes confined to left side, itching all over body, but most on back and vagina and labia, < thinking of it, intense itching all over body, would scratch till it bled, but no relief from scratching, no eruption, itching of skin, > undressing, itching of back, voluptuous on sides near axilla, no eruption, erratic itching, not > by scratching, < towards night.

Spiderweb capillary enlargement.

Red macular eruption, especially from knees up, or forearms, and around waist.

Copper colored spots remaining after eruption, turn yellow brown and detach in scales, leaving skin clear and free.

Small pedunculated warts, with pin heads like small button mushrooms, on various parts of body and thighs.

Child of six, since infancy terribly disfigured with tinea capitis. Scalp a mass of dense crusts, exuding a foetid ichor. The only semblance of hair being a few distorted stumps, ending in withered roots. One dose of Med. cured in a few months (Dr. Wildes).

Girl of eleven, face mottled with red scurfy sores, eyelids involved and nearly denuded of lashes, hairy scalp one diffuse mass of thick yellow scabs, from beneath which oozed a highly offensive mixture of ichor and serum, which causes the clothing to stick to the body. Cured by one dose of Med. CM. (Dr. Wildes).


Medorrhinum has cured many cases of marasmus in infants that had inherited sycosis, children of a sycotic father are especially subject to attacks of diarrhoea, vomiting and emaciation (Dr. J.T. Kent).

At birth I give a dose of Med. if child is inclined to be gross with a large head; if it is a little bit of a skinny baby, that is snuffling almost as soon as it breathes, under weight, wrinkled and old looking, I give a dose of Syphilinum (Dr. J.W. Krichbaum).

Thin, scrawny, but appetite unusual.

I have cured with Med. rheumatic troubles which were very obstinate under our usual remedies (Dr. E.B. Nash).

Great heat and soreness with enlargement of lymphatic glands all over body.

Leukaemia occurring in children of sycotic parents.

Sensation as though she had taken a severe cold with most distressing aching in bones, throat very sore and swollen, deglutition of either liquids or solids impossible.

There is scarcely a spot on body from head to foot which is not full of pain, of tensive and letting go character, accompanied by subjective heat. Sore all over as if bruised. The pains seem to tighten the whole body, especially the feet and thighs.

Feeling as if all the bones were out of joint on getting up, shakes herself to get them in place, joints feel loose.

Sequelae of acute articular rheumatism, walks leaning on a cane, bent over, muffled in wraps to ears, looking like a broken down man.

Small carbuncular boils discharge slowly and show dark red streaks, pains are intolerable, preventing sleep.

Haemorrhagic tendency, small wounds bleed profusely (Lach., Phos).

Glandular enlargement in various parts of the body with rachitis is traced to hereditary gonorrhoea, patients are better at the seaside (Gilbert).

Wildes thinks that suppression of favus when derived from gonorrhoea in the father leads to hydrocephalus, capillary bronchitis, obstinate teething diarrhoeas and cholera infantum, if derived from the grandfather suppression leads to consumption and other lingering diseases.

To quote Dr. H.C. Allen:.

I have traced epithelioma, phthisis, cauliflower excrescences, sterility and erosions to sycotic origin; pernicious anaemia often had gonorrhoea for its base, suppressed gonorrhoea may produce iritis, syphilis produces it without suppression. The suppression of the external manifestations of gonorrhoea seems first to involve the central nervous system functionally, and is much later in attacking the organism destructively. For the constitutional effects of maltreated and suppressed gonorrhoea, when the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve.

For persons suffering from gout, rheumatism, neuralgia, and diseases of the spinal cord and its membranes, even organic lesions ending in paralysis, which can be traced to a sycotic origin. For women with chronic ovaritis, salpingitis, pelvic cellulitis, fibroids, cysts and other morbid growths of the uterus and ovaries, especially if symptoms point to malignancy with or without sycotic origin. For scirrhus carcinoma, or cancer, either acute or chronic in development, when the symptoms correspond and a history of sycosis can be traced. Bears the same relation to deep-seated chronic affections of the spinal and sympathetic nervous system that Psorinum does to the deep-seated affections of the skin and mucous membranes.



(Nat. sulph., Thuja).

Subject to neuralgias, many pains. Any chronic pain which occurs only during day should suggest Medorrhinum.

Intensity of all symptoms.

Sensitive to pain and intense nervous sensibility to all impressions.

Sensitive to cold, yet wants open air.

Sensitive to cold, damp weather and to thunder storms.

Stiff, puffy, sore, rheumatic, lame, bruised.

Numbness. Trembling all over (subjective).


Formication, sensation of crawling and quivering.

Constrictions, tension, pains tighten, then suddenly let go.

Profuse acrid discharges, causing itching.

Fishy odor to discharges (Olan., Sanic., Tell., Thuja). Body has a pungent odor.

Increasing weakness and emaciation.

Children mentally dull and weak, good all night, crying and peevish all day.


When thinking of it, heat, covering, stretching out, leaning head forward, thunder storms, motion, inland, sweets, early morning, 3 a.m. to 4 a.m., in the mountains, in the sun, warmth of bed, entering warm room, from daylight to sunset, damp, cold weather, wind.


Lying on abdomen or in knee-chest position, fresh air, at seashore, damp weather, by leaning far back, sunset.


Baryta carb., Nat. mur., Psor., Thuja.

Follows Rhus tox.

Compatible with Aloe, Sulph., Tub.

Antidoted by Nux vom., Ip.


DR. H.C. Allens Medorrhinum in his Materia Medica of the Nosodes has been followed closely with additional data and verified and clinical symptoms as published from time to time in the Transactions of the International Hahnemannian Association by Drs. Baker, Boger, George H. Clark, Close, Farrington, Hays, J.W. and P.E. Krichbaum, Payne, Pulford, Sloan, Underhill, Waffensmith, Woodebury, Yingling and others.


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