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DEAR MR. BARKER, I am glad to hear that the circulation of your Journal has greatly increased.

Yesterday Professor Lendner, who is Professor of Pharmacology at Geneva University, visited me with his students to attend an all-afternoon lecture and demonstration regarding the preparation and preservation of homoeopathic remedies. They saw the modern machines, such as dynamizator, auto-dynamizator and fluxio-dilutioner. The necessity of thorough trituration was shown by a trituration of Fuchsine 1 percent.

It was first triturated during five minutes and then for a whole hour. After the five minutes trituration the drug was almost white. After an hours trituration it had assumed a deep red colour. It was heartening to see the interest with which this demonstration was watched by those present. The representatives of orthodox medicine were evidently deeply impressed by what they had seen.

I am,

10 Rue St. Victor, Very truly yours,



DEAR MR. BARKER, I am deeply grateful to you for the article “Brief Hints for Influenza,” which you had in the February issue. It recommended Aconite 3x and some other remedies. On a Tuesday my daughter Eileen was suddenly taken ill with influenza. As her symptoms pointed to Aconite I immediately gave Aconite to her, and in a few hours her temperature dropped from 102 to 99.

My little girl feared that she would die. Happily I remembered reading in your paper that Aconite should be given to patients in fear of death. The girl rapidly improved and within a week she became practically quite well, a most remarkable thing, because previous attacks of influenza were followed by illness lasting for many months. This has been the first time she has had homoeopathic treatment for influenza and the result has been wonderful.

My neighbour , Mrs. Davis, of 21 Birkenhead Avenue, has a daughter of 15, who had had a bad cough for weeks which kept her awake night after night. Everything had been tried but no medicine would stop the cough. The girl was given about four pillows to prop her head up and even then she could not sleep. I told her how wonderful had been the cure of Eileens cough and gave her four of the little pilules, two doses. She called two days afterwards to tell me that her daughter had only taken one dose, that she had not coughed since, and had slept all night.

She was delighted and amazed. The cure has lasted. Four weeks have gone by and my neighbour daughter has not had the slightest return of the cough. Mrs. Davis told me that the cure was so miraculous that she is telling everybody about it. I and my neighbour bless homoeopathy and we are very grateful to you.

I am,.

15 Birkenhead Avenue, Very sincerely yours,

Kingston-on-Thames. MAUDE GOSLING.


DEAR MR. BARKER, Please accept my hearty congratulations on the excellent success of Heal Thyself, a success which is all due to genius. I cannot help expressing my sense of gratitude for the world of good your fertile brain and beautiful heart are doing for dear homoeopathy. I wish ever-increasing success to you and to your journal which you so richly deserve.

I am,.

Yours gratefully,

Moga, India. DR. H. V. SONPAR.


DEAR MR. BARKER, I am writing you to let you know how much I appreciated you book, Miracles of Healing. I ran across this in our Free Public Library. The title drew my attention to the book. After reading it, I became so enthusiased that I ordered a copy from the London publishers, which arrived to-day. As a matter of fact, until reading your book homoeopathy was something I never heard of before. I have the good fortune to be friendly with a medical man.

Through him I was given the address of a doctor who practises homoeopathy in a small town about a hundred miles from here. As I am a layman with very little knowledge of medicine I would sincerely appreciate hearing from you as to how I should go about to study homoeopathy.

I am,sincerely yours,


National Construction Company,

Saint John, N. B. Canada.

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