Ellis Barker J



DEAR MR. BARKER,–The average orthodox doctor pays no attention to diet– or to anything else. His whole aim is to make money–honestly if he can, but to make it. More than half of my talk to patients has reference to food.

When I was in London I had notices for all patients to see, such as: “There is no such trouble as growing pains. It is the worst form of rheumatism and leads to heart disease.” “No one who suffers from ear trouble should bathe without having the ears protected.” Doctors who saw these and other notices smiled, and one of them remarked: “If people knew all that, we should have to break stones for a living”.

You ought not to worry about busybodies of the medical profession denouncing and attacking you. Go on and look neither right nor left. In Dr. Clarkes time “THE HOMOEOPATHIC WORLD” was largely read by laymen, and the prided himself on the fact that so many readers, laymen and women, were able to treat themselves and to help others. I have heard of many clergyman living in remote districts who were wonderfully helpful in treating their people.

I have always said that our last hope is in you. If you fail, then good-bye to homoeopathy.

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