Prabir Kumar



Causes: Fat food. Gout. Tea. Sweets. Beer. Vaccination. Suppressed Gonorrhoea. Tobacco. Melons. Onions. Coffee. Fat. Meat.

Type: Tea-drinking Dyspepsia.

Desires: Cold drinks; cold food; Salt things; Sour things; Tobacco.

Aversion: Food. Fresh meat and Potatoes. Melons. Tobacco.

Taste: Bad. Bitter. Bitter in the morning. Bread tastes bitter and dry. Bloody taste. Like rotten eggs in the morning. Fatty, greasy; Insipid after eating; Soup tastes insipid although it is salted as usual. Nauseous. Sour. Sweetish in the evening and after meals. Sweetish taste after eating. Loss of taste. Sweet as sugar (Gonorrhoea).

Appetite: Diminished. Increased at 10 a.m.; in evening; Increased alternating with loss of appetite. Ravenous. Wanting. Speedy satiety when eating.

Thirst: In the morning on waking. Evening; Night; Burning; Extreme. Thirstlessness. Violent thirst esp. at night and early in the morning.

Tongue: Yellow. Tip of tongue very painful. White blisters on side close to root, painfully sore.

Nausea: Nausea and uneasiness in region of stomach. Nausea in the morning; During dinner. While eating. At smell of food; at thought of food; While walking.

Vomiting: Morning; acrid; of bile; Bitter; of food. Greasy; of mucus in the morning on waking. Offensive smelling; Sour; of water. Fatty vomiting. Vomiting of mucus or of greasy substance. Water brash. Heart burn.

Eructations: Morning; Afternoon; after eating; after fats; Acrid; Bitter after eating; Empty; of food; Tasting of food; foul Putrid; Rancid; Sour. Rancid eructations after fat food. Eructations rancid or acid. Continuous eructation of air while eating.

Stomach and abdomen: While masticating the food becomes very dry. Gulping up of large quantities of acids from the stomach. Flatulence, as if an animal were crying in the abdomen.

Movement in the abdomen as if something alive, as if the abdominal muscles were pushed outward by the arm of the foetus, but painless. Swelling of the pit of the stomach. Soreness of the navel. The upper part of abdomen is drawn in. The fluid which he drinks falls with a noise in the stomach. Induration of the stomach. Induration of the abdomen. Taste of putrid eggs in the mouth in the morning.

Bad effects from fat things and onion. Longing for cold food and drink. Bread tastes dry and bitter. The food tastes as if it were not salt enough. Yellow or brown spots on the abdomen. Complete loss of appetite. Dislike for fresh meat and potatoes. Cannot eat onions. Flatulence, pain after food; sinking sensation in epigastrium before food; thirst. Flatulence and distention, protruding here and there. Rumbling and colic. Risings of food after a meal. Unable to eat breakfast. Speedy satiety when eating.

Stool: Ineffectual urging to stool with erections. Obstinate constipation. Stool is hard balls. Difficult evacuation of hard, large feces, covered with blood. Constipation with violent rectal pain causing stool to recede. Stool recedes after being partly expelled.

Diarrhoea: Early morning, expelled forcibly with much flatus; gurgling as of water from a bung-hole; worse after break-fast, coffee, fat food, vaccination, onions. Watery, painless stools, oily or greasy.

Urine: Sediment of brown mucus. The urine foams, the foam remains long on the urine. Stream split and small. Desire sudden and urgent but cannot be controlled.

Accompaniments: Fixed ideas, as if a strange person were at his side, as if soul were separated from the body; as if the body, especially the limbs were of glass and would break easily. Talks hastily; and swallows words. Becomes easily angry. Music causes him to weep, with trembling of the feet.

Vertigo on closing eyes. He wants to have the head and face wrapped up warm. Headache is relieved from exercising in open air. Scalp very painful to touch. The eye must be warmly covered. Lachrymation especially in the open air, the tears do not run off, but remain standing in the eye. Nose red and hot, warts on the nose. Fluent coryza in the open air, and dry coryza in the room.

The skin of the face is red hot, peeling off continually; when washing it feels sore and raw. Greasy skin of the face. Lips pale, swollen, peeling off. The roots of the teeth become carious. The teeth crumble off. Dirty yellow teeth. Cough only during the day. Cough as soon as one eats. Blue colour of the skin on the clavicle. Brown spots on the chest. Greasy brown skin on the neck. Beating and pulsating in the back. Brown colour on the back of the hand. Nails are crippled, discoloured, crumbling off. Cold finger tips.

Brown skin on the legs especially on the inside of thigh. Sensation of lightness of the body when walking. Bad effects from beer, fat food, acids, sweets, tobacco, tea, wine and onions. Painfulness of parts on which one lies. Eruptions only on the covered parts. Brownish or brown-red or brown-white spots on the skin.

Perspiration, smelling of honey (sweetish), on the uncovered parts of the head, face and hand, with dryness of the covered parts and of those on which one lies, mostly when first going to sleep; better after rising. Perspiration of the face, especially on the side on which he does not lie.

Offensive perspiration at the anus and in the perineum. Profuse perspiration smelling sweet like honey, on the genitals. Cold perspiration on the hands. Fetid sweat on the toes. Suppressed foot sweat perspiration only during sleep, disappearing at once as soon as he awakes.

Warts on any part of the body with little necks called fig warts. Condylomata. Piles swollen, pain most severe when sitting. Hair dry and falling out. Ailments from bad effects of vaccination, from suppressed or maltreated gonorrhoea.

Left sided and chilly medicine. Hydro-genoid constitution. Rapid exhaustion and emaciation. Coldness of one side. Dreams of dead persons, of falling, of accidents.

Aggravation: At night. From heat of bed; At 3 a.m. and 3 p.m. From cold damp air. Narcotics. While chewing. While urinating. Coitus. Blowing nose. Increasing moon. Sun. Ascending. (Palpitation).

Amelioration: While drawing up the limbs.

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