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Type: Arthritic. Gastric. Hysterical. Menstrual. Nervous. Rheumatic. Migraine. Uterine.

Location: Bones. Forehead. Left side of forehead. Right side of forehead. Over eyes. Over left eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Alternating from one to the other. Right side of head. Left side of head. Temples. Temple to temple. Vertex.

Character of pain: Boring, burning, bursting, crushing, cutting, drawing, jerking, nail-like pressing, pressing asunder, shooting, sore, bruised, stitching, stunning, tearing as if torn, throbbing, stinging.

Causes: intellectual labour; abdominal plethora; menstrual disturbances.

Extension: Back, occiput, teeth, vertex, eyes, down back of neck, upward, sides.

Aggravation: Morning; morning on rising; morning until noon; morning on waking; forenoon; afternoon; 3 P.M. 5-6 P.M. evening; evening in bed; 6 P.M. 7 P.M., night; before midnight; after midnight; cold air; anger; loss of animal fluid; ascending steps; bathing; bending head backward; during climaxis; clothing about the neck; coition; getting cold on head; taking cold; combing the hair; suppressed coryza; coughing; cutting hair; from drinking; after eating; fat food; pressure of hat; from drinking; from becoming heated; any jar; light; artificial light; looking upward; lying down; lying on back. before menses; during menses; after menses;

mental exertion; motion; on beginning to move; moving head; moving eyes; nursing infant; 2 P.M. to bed time every day; after perspiration; suppressed perspiration; during pregnancy; reading; riding in a carriage, lying; sexual excesses; after excessive pollution; onanism; shaking head; from shopping; after sleep; stepping heavily; after stool; stooping; straining eyes; tea; before thunder storms; touch; vomiting, while walking; walking in open air; warm room; washing head; cloudy weather; cold weather; getting wet; wetting feet; while sweating; wetting head; exposure to wind; from exposure to cold wind; wrapping up head; motion; noise.

Amelioration: Open air; after eating; closing eyes; darkness; during eating; lying in a dark room; lying on side; lying on painful side; violent motion; external pressure; sitting; during sleep; after sleep; spirituous liquors; vomiting; while walking; walking in open air; walking rapidly; wrapping up head; rest.

Attending Symptoms: In women, there is usually soreness of the face and disturbance of the uterine position or of menstruation.

Vitality exhausted.

Countenance looks haggard and worn.

Sensitive nervous women.

Chronic indigestion.



Inability to perform mental labour.


Desire to go to sleep.

Nervous system is out of sorts.

Leucorrhoea between menstrual periods.

If there is present sudor hystericus, a peculiar sweetish perspiration in axillae and soles of feet, sepia is sure to help.

The countenance expresses suffering.

The features are distorted.

Complexion pale dirty yellow.

Figure graceful.

Scream with nausea and vomiting.

Photophobia and impossibility to open the eye on account of the weight of the upper lid.

Aversion to all food.

Momentary attacks of giddiness.

Weak memory.

Aversion to ones occupation.

Great indifference to those loved best.

Easily offended.

Inclined to be vehement.

Dread of being alone.

Great excitability in company.

Restless, fidgety, nervous, very sensitive to the least noise.

Great sadness, the frequent attacks of weeping which she cannot suppress.

Very sad and fearful about her health.

Often accompanied by chilliness.

Sour taste.

White tongue.

Scanty flow of menses.

Irregular menses, bearing down of the womb.

Urine loaded with uric acid.


Fainting spells and spitting of much saliva.

Excessive desire for coition.

Symptoms: Headache in terrific shocks, pressing bursting, worse motion, stooping, mental labour, better pressure and continued fast motion.

One of the best remedies in hemicrania of women of the Sepia temperament and who are suffering from uterine trouble; another peculiar headache is that the pain comes in terrific shocks so as to jerk the head inspite of the patient.

Hemicrania, pains over one eye, usually the left, of a throbbing character, deep stitching pains which seem to be in the membranes of the brain.

The pains almost always shoot upward or from within without; they are so severe as to extort cries and frequently culminate in vomiting.

The paroxysms are renewed or aggravated by motion, light, noise or by the thunderstorm, and are relieved by sleep or rest in a dark room; usually with women there are soreness of the face, uterine mal-position, or disturbance or menstruation.

The patient may have a jerking of the head backward and forward, worse while sitting and in the forenoon.

Arthritic headaches worse in the morning with nausea and vomiting.

Headache in terrible shocks at menstrual nisus with scanty flow.

Hemicrania in leucophlegmatic or anaemic women with nausea, fainting spells, and spitting of much saliva.

Headache gouty or nervous from abdominal plethora or menstrual disturbances.

Pain in upper part of head as if would be forced asunder.

Headache with aversion to all kinds of food and feeling of emptiness and goneness in pit of stomach.

Beating contractive pain in morning after rising.

Headache with nausea; better in open air, frontal, dull pressure or stitching, tearing pains; from within outward; left side with contraction of the eyes.

Boring pressing with nausea and vomiting; pulsating throbbing in cerebellum, beginning in morning, lasting till noon or sometimes to evening; better during rest and in dark, every Saturday, weekly, for several years; periodical, coming on at two oclock P.M. lasting till bed time, in terrific shocks.

Dull stupid, with great mental depression; with aversion to all kinds of food and feeling of emptiness and goneness in pit of stomach, occuring every morning with nausea, vertigo, epistaxis; in women who have moth patches on their forehead, of sallow complexion, with yellow streak across bridge of nose, worse from lying down.

Severe left side, hysterical in character.

Tearing drawing pains commencing in parietal bone.

Pricking and pressing, throbbing pain in occiput accompanied by nausea and vomiting; sick, on left side, as if head would burst.

Violent, contractive, gouty or nervous headache; from abdominal plethora or menstrual disturbances.

Stinging pain from within outward, mostly in left side; worse indoors and when walking fast; better in open air; and when lying on painful side.

Bubbling in head like water.

Fullness in temples with throbbing in carotid, tearing from left to upper part of left side of head.

Headache accompanied by desire for coition.

Frontal headache with cold feet.

Shooting from forehead to vertex and both sides of face.

Surging in forehead like waves of pain, swelling up and beating against frontal bone.

Aggravation when lying on painless side.

During menses toothache, headache and epistaxis.

Throbbing over right eye, with aching pain, back of left ear and neck, agg. by motion; black discharge, from bowels.

Headache when walking rapidly.


Type: Anaemic. Catarrhal. Menstrual. Nervous. Uterine. Congestive. Hysterical. Migraine.

Location: Forehead. Right side of forehead. Left side of forehead. Over eyes. Over right eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Right side of head. Left side of head. Temples. Vertex. Brain.

Character of pain: Boring, burning, bursting, crushing, cutting, drawing, jerking, nail like, pressing, pressing asunder, shooting, sore bruised, stitching, stunning, stupefying, tearing, throbbing, hammering, blinding, pulsating.

Causes: Cold air; anger; contradiction heat of sun; intellectual labour; malaria; abuse of quinine; eye strain; pressing of hat.

Extension: Back, eyes, face, neck, forehead.

Aggravation: Day time; morning; morning in bed; sun-rise; morning until noon; morning in waking; forenoon; 10 A.M., 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. noon; after noon; 4 P.M. 5 P.M. evening; evening in bed; 7 P.M. night; 3 A.M. Cold air; open air; anger; loss of animal fluid; blows; after breakfast; coition; from becoming cold; getting cold on head; while constipated; contradiction; coughing; after dinner; from drinking quickly; during eating; after eating, excitement of emotions; exertion of body; from frowning; grief; becoming heated; any jar; laughing; while leaning against something; light; day-light; looking fixedly at anything,

before menses, at the commencement of menses; during menses; after menses; mental exertion; motion; quick motion; moving head; moving eyes; every day; every other day; reading; resting head on arms; running; school girls; sexual excesses; onanism; shaking head after sleep; sneezing; spirituous liquors; while standing; stepping heavily; pressing at stool; stooping; straining eyes; summer; exposure to sun; while walking; smoking tobacco; touch; turning body; turning head; vexation; walking in open air; warm room; cold weather; getting wet; wind; writing.

Amelioration: Wrapping up head; walking in open air; lying; external pressure; perspiration; mental exertion; while lying down; cold application; closing eyes; open air; evening; morning; on rising; sun-down.

Attending Symptoms: Nausea.


Face pale.

Numbness and tingling in lips (before attack), tongue and nose.

Sore bruised feeling about eyeballs.

Tongue dry, almost clings to the roof of the mouth.

Pulse intermits.

Great nervous debility.

Face bloated.

Cold feet.

Creeping chills all over.

Vomiting of sour water or of bile.

Turbid urine.

Great thirst.

Blindness of eyes.

Face flushed hot.


Flickering before eyes.



Aversion to bread.

Craves salt.

Constant chilliness and want of animal heat.

Sad and weeping.

Consolation aggravates.

With palpitation of heart.

Gets angry at trifles.






Likes to dwell on past occurrences.

Symptoms: Headache constant, dull, periodical, generally on right side, as if head would burst, commencing about ten oclock in morning, with dizziness and dullness, glimmering before eyes; with nausea; awakens with light headache every morning, worse reading or talking; as if in a vise; splitting; from riding in a carriage, first on one, then on other side of head.

Sick in morning on awaking, lasting till nearly noon; persistent, frontal from straining eyes, especially from muscular asthenopia, such as is often experienced by school children; in vertex and occiput; like a weight; worse evening; better by pressure; with fainting and sinking at stomach.

Head throbs.

Blinding headache.

Aches as if a thousand little hammers were knocking on the brain in the morning on awaking; after menstruation from sun-rise to sunset.

Head feels too large, cold.

Anaemic headache of school girls; nervous; discouraged broken down.

Chronic headache, semi-lateral, congestive, from sun-rise to sunset with pale face, nausea, vomiting.

Natrum Mur produces a headache worse from any use of mind.

In the morning on awaking, there is throbbing, mostly in the forehead as if from many little hammers beating in the head. This too is worse from any use of the mind.

The pain is so severe at times as to make the patient almost maniacal.

With this kind of headache the tongue is dry and almost clings to the roof of the mouth, although it may look moist when put out.

There is great thirst, the pulse is always intermittent.

Natrum Mur has a headache with beating of little hammers with aggravation from moving the head and eyes.

Sharp stitches about head and sore bruised feeling about eyeballs especially when the eyes were moved.

Periodically appearing frontal headaches of great severity, as if bursting, as from little hammer, aggravation on moving head and eyes.

Headache and weight in head especially in occiput, aggravation during forenoon, warmth and motion, amelioration sitting, lying and perspiring.

Throbbing headache as if bursting, before during and after menses.

Stitches as with knives in occiput.

Great nervous debility, face bloated, so that features can hardly be recognised, cold feet, creeping chills all over, vomiting of sour water or of bile, turbid urine.

Rheumatic pain in head from root of nose extending to forehead with nausea, vomiting, vanishing of sight, agg. morning when waking, mental exertion, motion, amel. sitting still, lying down.


Type: Catarrhal. Nervous. Neuralgic. Gastric. Migraine. Rheumatic. Menstrual. Congestive.

Location: Forehead. Right side of forehead. Over eyes. Over right eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Behind ears. Temples. Vertex. Right side of head. Left temple.

Character of pain: Boring, burning, bursting, cutting, darting, stabbing, dull, lancinating, sore, bruised, wandering.

Causes: Heat of sun; going without food; heat.

Extension: Cheeks, face, back, eyes, forehead.

Aggravation: Morning, sun; evening; on ascending steps; pressing back against something hard; during climaxis; coughing; eating; fat food; a jar; light; artificial light; during menses; motion; moving eyes; noise; every other day; every seven days; every fourteen days; shaking head; stooping; talking; warm room; day; sun-rise to sunset.

Amelioration: Toward evening; evening; open air; darkness; eructations; while leaning against something; lying down; lying in a dark room; pushing head deep in pillow; external pressure, hard pressure; after sleep; profuse urination; vomiting; walking in open air;.

Attending Symptoms; Vertigo.




Whizzing in ears.

Angry, irritable, morose.


Vomiting of food or bile.


Burning in stomach.

Stiffness of neck and of limbs.

Rheumatic pains.

Flushed face.

Burning of sole of feet.

Cant bear sound or odor.


Profuse flow of menses.

Sensitive to light and noise.

Burning in eyes.

Veins and temples are distended.

Symptoms: The periodical sick headache begins in morning, increases during day, lasts until evening; head feels as if it would burst, or as if eyes would be pressed out, relieved by sleep.

American sick headache, amelioration by perfect quiet in a dark room.

Headache, dull, pressive frontal beginning in occiput and spreads upwards and settles over right eye; free flow of clear urine as headache passes off; as if bruised, in forehead, temples; more in right side, better in open air; with nausea and chilliness, followed by flushes of heat extending from head to stomach; every seventh day; and nausea, symptoms increase hour by hour, patient groaning and and writhing in agony; face very red, heat hot, injected eyes, sensitive to light, arteries about head and scalp distended like whip cords; temples and scalp alive with irrepressible pulsations; paroxysms of violent retching every few minutes.

Headache begins in occiput, spreads upwards and settles over right eye.

Headache return at the climacteric, every seventh day.

Megrin with bilious vomiting; pains begin in morning and last till evening.

The patient suffers from rush of blood to the head, and this causes faintness and nausea, he nausea even continuing until vomiting sets in.

The pains which are of violent character, begin in occipital region, spread thence over the head and settle over the right eye. They are of sharp, lancinating character and at times throbbing.

At the height of the disease the patient can bear neither sounds nor odors.

She cannot bear any one walk across the room, for the slightest jar annoys her.

As the headache reaches the acme, nausea and vomiting ensue, the vomited matter consisting of food and bile.

The patient is forced to remain quiet in a dark room.

The only respite she has is when sleep comes to relieve her.

Sometimes the pain is so violent that the patient goes out of her mind or she seeks relief by pressing against her head her hands or by pressing the head against the pillow.


Type: Arthritic. Nervous. Neuralgic. Rheumatic. Uterine.

Location: Deep in brain. Forehead. Left side of forehead. Right side of forehead. Over eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Left side of head. Temples. Left temple. Vertex.

Character of pain: Boring, burning, burrowing, bursting, cutting, darting, stabbing, dull, jerking, lancinating, pressing, band-like, shooting, sore, bruised, stitching, tearing, rending, digging, throbbing, hammering, excruciating, wandering.

Extension: Back, eyes, face , jaws, left side, vertex.

Aggravation: Morning; 1-10 P. M. evening; night; after midnight; open air; bending head backward; from becoming cold; coughing; moving the face; fasting; jar; looking fixedly at anything; looking downward; lying; lying on back; mental exertion; motion; moving the head; moving the eyes; noise; every day; at same hour; sexual excesses; onanism; shaking head; sneezing; spirituous liquors; in a small spot; false step; stepping heavily; pressing at stool; stooping; talking; smoking; tobacco; touch; walking; walking in open air; after walking; washing head; cold weather; damp cold weather; windy stormy weather; wrapping up head; 11 A. M. lying with head low; thinking; fresh air.

Amelioration: Evening; binding head; closing eyes; cold application; after eating; leaning against something; lying with head high; lying; external pressure; sitting; standing position; walking, warm room; sponging head.

Attending Symptoms: Eye of the affected side run clear water.

Bilious vomiting.

As if head were open along vertex.

Paleness of face.

Palpitation of heart.

Oppression of chest.

Stiffness of chest.



Tendency to gouty affections in other parts of the body.

Symptoms: Headache in form of supra orbital neuralgia, especially on left side, pain recurs at regular intervals, spreading to face, neck and eyes, worse on least motion, concussion, stooping, with pale face, restlessness and palpitation; from shaking head; boring, from within outward; neuralgic; generally beginning at one point and radiating in every direction, with jerking burning and tearing pains; worse in stormy weather; every morning with rising of sun, increasing until soon when it generally declines till sunset; burning pain in right side of forehead extending to eyes so that could not turn head without pain.

The headaches are generally one sided, beginning in the occiput and extending forward, and settling over the left eye. They are aggravated by the least noise or jar. They increase with the rising of the sun and decrease with its going down and the eye on the affected side often runs clear water.

Left-sided neuralgia of head face and eyes; pains increase and decrease with the rising and setting sun, aggravation from motion, noise, inspiration, moving eyes, cold damp rainy weather, rising sun, amelioration, quiet, dry air, setting sun.

Spigelia has sharp neuralgic pains over the left eye.

The pains come up from the nape of the neck and over the head, settling over the left eye.

The spigelia sick headache is very apt to follow the sun; beginning in the morning, reaching its acme at noon and gradually subsiding at sunset.

The neuralgia if it involves the head, begins in the head, begins in the occiput, coming forward and settling over the left eye; it may also involve the cheeks especially the left.

There are burning, jerking, tearing pains worse from any noise or from any jarring of the body.

They are usually aggravated by change of weather and are specially worse in stormy weather.

At the acme of the pain there is often bilious vomiting.

The pain begins in the morning with the sun, increases during the day and diminishes in the evening.

We often find spigelia indicated in sick headache when the patient can bear neither noise nor jarring of the body; sensation as if the head were open along the vertex.

The eyes feel too large.

Different sorts of pains, frequently extending into the eye and side of the face always worse from stooping, slightest motion, concussion, noise, and during stool.

They are apt to appear at regular hours either in the forenoon, or in the night, and are mostly attended with paleness of the face, palpitation of heart, and oppression of chest.

Sensation as if the head were pressed open along the vertex, or as if the brain tired to force itself out through the forehead.

Nervous headaches, aggravation from thinking, noise or jarring and fresh air or lying with head low, amelioration by pressure of the hands, from laying the head high and while sponging the head but worse after it.

Pain beneath frontal eminence and temples extending to eyes.

Semilateral involving left eye, pain, violent throbbing, worse making a false step, pain as if band around head.

Neuralgic pains flying from one part to another.

Painfulness of cerebellum with stiffness of neck.

Painful tenderness of the occiput with sensation of numbness and stiffness in nape of neck.

Periodical headache.

Pain as if head about to burst when coughing and speaking aloud.

Tearing, digging, or boring headaches from within to without in forehead, vertex or cerebellum, agg. motion.


Type: Congestive. Nervous. Gastric. Menstrual. Uraemic.

Location: Deep in brain; Forehead. Occiput. One side of head. Temples. Vertex. Above eyes. Above right eye. Above left eye.

Character of pain: Burning, bursting, cutting, stabbing, darting, drawing, jerking, dull, pressing, sore, bruised, stitching, throbbing, beating.

Causes: Uraemia; heat of sun.

Extension: Nose, occiput, shoulder, vertex, ear, behind eyes, above root of nose, temple sides.

Aggravation: Morning, morning on rising, afternoon, evening, night, night on waking, open air, on ascending steps, bending head backward, binding up the hair, clothing about the neck, coffee, cutting hair, diarrhoea, after eating, exertion of body, pressure of hat, from becoming heated, by a fire or stove, jar, artificial light, working under gas light, looking fixedly at anything, looking upwards, lying, before menses, during menses, after menses, mental exertion, on cessation of menses, motion, moving head, external pressure, reading, shaking head, stepping heavily, pressing at stool, stooping, summer exposure to sun, talking, tobacco smoke, turning head, walking, damp cold weather, riding in cold wind, wine, wrapping up head, writing.

Amelioration: Cold air, open air, bending head backward, coffee, cold application, external pressure, sitting, after sleep, vomiting, walking, walking in open air, washing head with cold water.

Attending Symptoms: Face deep red.

Rapid pulse.

Sweat on face.


Sick faint feeling at the stomach with nausea.

Well known streets seem strange.

Way home too long.

Forgets on which side she lies.

Violent action of the heart, distinct pulsation over the whole body.

Head hot, body cold, feet cold.

Increased urination.

Aversion to light.

Black spots before sight.

Face flushed or pale.


Throbbing of carotids.

Burning between shoulders.

Blood vessels distended.

Symptoms: Bursting headache rising up from neck, with great throbbing and sense of expansion as if to burst; cannot bear the least jar; cant bear anything on the head especially hat; or pressure of a hat, overheating in the sun or sunstroke.

Intense pain in the head with great throbbing and sensation of fullness and constriction of the vessels of the neck.

The throbbing headache seeming to arise from the neck is very characteristic and throbbing is not a mere sensation but is visible in the carotid arteries; the vessels are full to bursting, worse by bending the head backward; must have the head un-covered.

Cant bear to wear his hat; wants the hair cut.

Better when lying still.

The patient carries the head very carefully, for the least jar or shaking of it greatly aggravates the pain.

It seems to the patient that there is not only throbbing but there is an undulating sensation as if the brain were moving in waves synchronous with the pulse.

Sensation as if rush of blood to the heart of chest.

Very red face.

Warm room increases the headache.

Loses his way in well known street.

As if the head was expanding from fullness.

Throbbing worse in the sun.

A tendency to sudden and violent irregularities of the circulation.

A throbbing headache, the pain may be in the forehead, vertex, occiput of any one part of head.

This throbbing is not a mere sensation, but is an actual fact.

It really seems as though the blood vessels would burst; the throbbing is synchronous with every impulse of the heart.

The blood seems to surge in one great current up the spine and into the head.

The blood vessels externally become distended.

The external jugulars look like two tortuous cords, the carotids throb violently and are hard, tense and unyielding to pressure.

The face is deep red.

This throbbing is either associated with dull, distressing aching or with sharp violent pains.

Headache from recent exposure to sun.

Head symptoms are worse by bending the head backward, in damp weather, worse from the application of cold water.

Better from uncovering in open air.

Gets up and walks about despite the soreness that jarring causes.

Feeling as if the head were enormously large.

Head seems as if it were expanding.

Congestion of brain.

Throbbing pulsating pain from below upwards, with fullness and feeling of enlargement of the head; it feels like the motion of waves in the brain.

Congestion of the eyes.

Ringing in ears.

Palpitation of the heart.

Headache from heat of the sun, during pregnancy, before menses, or when the menses do not appear.

Throbbing in forehead synchronous with every beat of heart.

Crushing weight across forehead.

Painful pulsation from forehead to vertex, aggravation from shaking head.

Pressure and pain from within out in both temples.

Sensation as if the skull was too small, as if the brain were attempting to burst it; shocks in brain.

Holds head with both hands, compresses forehead.

Congestive headache, sensation as if fluttering in head, of construction in vessels of head, expansive pressure, flushed face, drowsiness, venous congestion to abdomen.

Headache begins in warm weather and lasts all summer, cannot bear any hat about the head, increases and decreases daily with the sun; great sensitiveness to rays of the sun, and to pressure from covering head.

Violent headache after roaming, over heating, sweat and taking cold.

Bad sequel of cutting hair.

Flushings with frightful headache during climaxis.

Increased urination.

Head hot, body and feet cold.

Agg. bending head backward, damp weather, application of cold water.

Better, open air, uncovering, violent headache with menses, aggravation by motion, amelioration by bandaging head, feet cold.

Headache from recent exposure to sun.

Long lasting occipital headache; must lie with head and trunk high; amelioration by warmth.

Headache in place of menses.

Sun-headaches, increases and decreases with the sun.

Head feels enormously large as if skull were too small for brain.

Head heavy but cannot lay it on pillow.

Effects of sunstroke.

Very irritable.

Sensation of pulsation throughout body.

Bursting, throbbing, headaches.

Sensation of expanding in the head and elsewhere.

Throbbing of the carotids, violent action of the heart, rush of blood to head, flushes of heat rising from chest to head, then throbbing pain in head.

The characteristic neuralgias of glonoine are accompanied with much throbbing, and are aggravated at night, preventing sleep.

Brain as if expanding; as if moving in waves; as if warm water were running upward from nape of neck.

Troubles in the head of type-setters and in men who work under a gas light steadily so that the heat falls on the head.

Bad results from sun-stroke; cannot bear any heat about the head, cant walk in sun; must walk in shade, or carry an umbrella, cant bear heat from a stove.

Great vertigo on assuming an up-right posture from rising up in bed, rising from a seat.

Heat in head, throbbing headache.

Great sensitiveness to the least jar which is a very marked feature of the Glonoin headache, which causes the patient to carry his head very carefully in order to avoid the chance of it.

The headache is in the whole head, and every part, forehead, vertex, occiput.

Many pains appear in occiput and base of brain; gnawing in occiput; sore pain; pressure; severe pain in occiput extending to eyes and temples.

The eyes may be fixed or protrude; aversion to bright light, black spot before sight.

Face flushed or pale.

Climacteric disturbances.

Pains are bursting, throbbing, pulsative, tearing, piercing, stabbing, gnawing. Sitting or lying still or walking in cold air ameliorates headaches.

Bending forward, bending backward, and almost every movement aggravates headache.

Bad effects of having hair cut, of exposure to sun, or fire heat.

All summer, headache is aggravated is aggravated every day with the sun.

Pressure ameliorates headache.

Jarring aggravates.

Cannot bear weight of hair.

Headache with quick pulse, red face, perspiration on the face, he becomes unconscious.

Hemicrania, sees half light, half dark.


Location: Forehead. Occiput. Vertex. Temples. One side of head. Over eyes.

Character of pain: Bursting, drawing, jerking, pressing, shooting, sore bruised, stitching, stunning, stupefying, tearing.

Causes: Heat of sun; Intellectual labour.

Extension: Nose, back of neck, vertex.

Aggravation: Morning; forenoon; noon; afternoon; evening; night; binding up the hair; coition; after eating; exertion of body; lifting; artificial light; working under gas light; before menses; during menses; mental exertion; motion; quick motion; moving head; noise at certain hours; external pressure; lying down; sexual excesses; excessive pollutions; sitting; after sleep; pressing at stool; stooping; straining eyes; summer; exposure to sun; thunder storms; turning head; walking; warm room; damp cold weather; wine; heat of the sun; changes in the atmosphere; turning head rapidly; during full moon; alternate days.

Amelioration: Open air, lying down, motion, external pressure, while walking.

Attending Symptoms: Nervousness.



Sadness, depression.

Head feels too large.

Unable to think or perform any mental labour.

Leucophlegmatic constitutions with aversion, to open air, and dislike of exercise, physical or mental.

Great physical prostration.

Avoids people, seeks solitude.

Full of apprehension.

Restless with anxiety.

Weight of eyelid, with dimness of vision and floating spots.

Symptoms: Chronic effects of sun-stroke.

Chronic headaches.

Aggravation by every time he exposes himself to the heat of the sun.

Nervousness and anxiety, aggravation during a thunder storm the effects of electric changes in the atmosphere.

Headache from working under gas light, with vertigo.

Pulsating headache in vertex every morning.

Tearing pains in forehead, returning daily at certain hour, worse when turning head rapidly.

Headache in sad desponding persons with dull stupefying pressure in forehead in any position or stitches in different parts of brain.

Worse by mental labour reading etc. by music.

Head feels too large.

Sun-headache or from artificial light worse mental labour.

Chronic headache which is worse every time he exposes himself to the heat of the sun.

Particularly called for the chronic effects of sun-stroke.

It may have been years past that the patient was overcome by the heat. And now with return of hot weather he suffers from headache.


Type: Catarrhal. Gastric. Congestive. Migraine. Nervous. Uterine. Hysterical. Anaemic. Neuralgic. Rheumatic.

Location: Forehead. Occiput. One side of head. Right side of head. Temples. Right temple. Vertex.

Character of pain: Dull, heavy, band-like, throbbing, cramp- like, drawing, pressing, shooting, sore bruised, stitching.

Causes: Malaria, onanism, abuse of quinine, sexual excess, eyestrain, nervous exhaustion, heat, sunlight, tobacco, uterine diseases, emotional disturbances.

Extension: Occiput, ear, eye, forehead, head, shoulders, upward.

Aggravation: Afternoon, 9 P.M. night on waking, draft of air, on ascending steps, during eating, after eating, excitement of emotion, jar, motion, light, lying, before menses, during menses, mental exertion, moving head, moving eyes, noise, foot-steps, after sleep, spirituous liquors, stooping, straining eyes, exposure to sun, talking, smoking tobacco, touch, turning head, wine, wrapping up head, 10 A.M.

Amelioration: After eating, leaning against something, lying down, lying with head high, moving head, shaking head, sitting, sitting up erect, after sleep, profuse urination, vomiting, walking, wrapping up head.

Attending Symptoms: Drowsiness.



Heaviness of eyes and lids.

Pain and soreness of eyes.

Face flushed, hot.

Muscular soreness.


Temporal veins enlarged.

Trembling all over.


Wild feeling alternating with uterine pains.

Heaviness or lightness of head.

Muscular soreness of neck and shoulder.

Profuse urination.

Scalp sore to touch.

Wants head raised on a pillow.


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