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Cramp-like pressive pains in head. Neuralgia in forehead over eyes.

Headache as from a sticking from all sides at once, or as if everything were drawn together from within, recurring like a slow pulsation.

Headache as if board were lying on right side.

Hot lachrymation. Talkative.

Headache as if something were rolling in head with burning in it, coming out of eyes, with lachrymation, finally vomiting which gives no relief.

Worse evening lasting into night.

Pressive pinching pain in small spot deep in forehead or on vertex with great thirst, and copious micturition.


Location: Crown of head. Forehead. Over eyes.

Pain: Lancination. Nail like. Stupefying. Pressing.

Aggravation: After a meal.

Attending Symptoms: Shivering.

Description: Violent and frequent lancinations in the head. Sensation, as if a nail were driven into the side of the crown of the head.

Stupefying pressure above the arch of the eyebrows which seem to compress the eyeballs.

Headache with shivering.

Headache after a meal.

Constant pain in forehead pressing over eyes as if she had to shut them.


Type: Gastric. Migraine. Periodical.

Location: Occiput. Forehead. Top of head.

Pain: Beating, Pulsating. Sore. Bruised. Throbbing. Pressing.

Aggravation: Daytime. Morning. Morning on walking. Open air. Coughing. After sleep. When first going into open air. Every other morning. When awaking. Lying down. After rising. Every third and seventh day. Spring.

Amelioration: Warm room. Conversation.

Description: Headache with a sensation of soreness internal; better in the house, worse when first going into open air, better by conversation.

Headache and nausea every other morning when awaking.

Pain in occiput after lying down with sense of weight, must use hands in lifting head.

Beating pain in forehead and occiput after rising.

Soreness and pulsation on the back part of the head.

Throbbing pain, pressing as if cap of head pressed over the whole skull.

Top and back of head with pain and soreness of eye balls.

Periodical headache every third and seventh day.

Occipital pain after lying down with sense of weight.

Periodical headache.

Habitual headache with bitter vomiting.

Bilious sick headaches in spring.

Intense headache, throbbing and great sense of internal soreness in forehead and occiput with sensation of great weight in occiput.


Forehead free from pain and sensitive to touch while all other parts of the head suffer from hammering, piercing pains with sensations as if the arteries in temples expanded.


Confused headache with feeling of heaviness and pressure especially in forehead more on right side, worse in warm room, by smoking, by pressure of hat, by reading, writing, motion; better in open air, standing in a draught of air.

Felt as if cutting from bridge of nose through to occiput.

Location: Occiput. Eyes. Root of nose. All through head.

Pain: Pressing upward. Bursting. Dull thread-like.

Aggravation: Bending head forward. Retiring in evening, sitting still in warm room. Evening on waking. Morning on rising. Afternoon. 3 p.m. mental exertion. Motion. Lying.

Amelioration: Bending head backward; by eating. Walking in open air.

Attending Symptoms: Tired necks. Head hot. Depressed. Irritable. Visible pulsation of carotids and other arteries.

Description: Pains deep in head with upward pressure.

Occipital headache.

Bursting pain.

Head hot, better bending backward with tired neck, depressed.


Headaches involving eyes, root of nose and back of neck, hot head; worse bending head forward, better, bending head backward.

Headache with tired neck. Visible pulsation of carotids and other arteries.

Dull headache.

Dull pain all through head in evening.

Bursting pain, pressure from within outward, feeling as if eyes were pressed out from behind.

Headache on waking; better by eating.

Waking in open air.

Sharp thread-like pains in scalp.


Type: Catarrhal. Congestive. Periodical. Menstrual. Anaemic.

Pain: Bursting. Cutting, darting, stabbing. Drawing dull, pressing, pressing outward. Pressing inward. Shooting. Sore bruised, stitching, tearing, pulsating beating, throbbing, stinging, pulling.

Location: Forehead. Right side of forehead. Over eyes. Over right eye. Over left eye. Occiput. One side of head. Left side of head. Temples. Vertex.

Aggravation: Daytime. Morning. Morning in bed. Afternoon. Evening. Cold air. Open air. Ascending steps. Beer. Blowing nose. Riding in boat. Closing eyes. Coughing. after eating. Before menses. During menses. After menses, Moving head. Riding in a carriage. Sitting. Shaking, riding in a carriage. Shaking head. During sleep. Stooping. Smoking tobacco. Walking; walking in open air. Wrapping up head. Writing. After midnight. Every two or three weeks. Morning after dressing.

Amelioration: Warm room. Walking rapidly. After sleep. Lying. Pressure. Motion. Cold application. Open air. Relieved entirely in open air.

Attending Symptoms: Face fiery red. Feet cold. Aversion to food and drink. Eyelids heavy. Anaemic, debilitated persons. Congestion to head and chest. Alcoholic drinks disagree. Cold extremities. Sensitiveness of head to touch. Falling off of hair with pain when touched. Vertigo.

Description: Frequent congestive headaches with pulsating pains in head usually worse after midnight, face fiery red during pain.

Headache with aversion to food and drink.

Pressure in frontal eminences, in morning after dressing, extending to vertex, from within outward, better momentarily by pressure, entirely relieved in open air. Beating in back of head and neck gradually extending to sides and forehead; worse stooping or moving.

Head dull and full, eyelids heavy, apt to sleep while sitting, reading.

Headache of anaemic debilitated persons especially with congestion to head and chest.

Alcoholic drinks disagree.

Periodical headache.

Stinging headache.

Hammering pulsating congestive headache, pain extends to extremities.

Pain in back of head with roaring in neck.

Pressive pain in head especially in fresh air.

Pulling from the nape of neck to the head with shootings and buzzing.

Periodical hammering and pulsating headache which oblige the patient to lie down; every two or three weeks.

Congestion in the head, enlarged veins, sensitiveness of the head touch; worse after midnight, and towards the morning; returning periodically.

Pain in the back part of the head when coughing.

Falling off of hair with pain when touched.


Type: Neuralgic. Catarrhal.

Pain: Bursting. Pressing. Sore. Bruised. Stitching. Tearing. Throbbing. Beating. Pulsating.

Location: Forehead. Right side of forehead. Over eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Temples. Vertex.

Aggravation: Morning. Morning in bed. Afternoon. Evening. Ascending steps. Closing eyes. Concussion. Coughing. After eating. Excitement of emotions. Jar. Light. During menses. Motion. Moving head; noise. Riding in a carriage. Shaking head. Sitting. Stooping. Thinking of pain. Walking. Wrapping up head. By nose bleed. In children. In pale debilitated persons. Suns heat. 5 p.m.

Amelioration: Profuse urination. Pressure. Lying. After epistaxis. Cold applications. Cold air.

Attending Symptoms: Nose-bleed. Profuse menses. Soreness of scalp. Cannot bear to have hair touched. Hot red face. Vomiting of blood. Bearing down in uterus, and ovarian pain. Nervousness at night.

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