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Aching in occipital protuberances.

Headache painful to touch like a boil.

On shaking head sensation as if brain were loose and struck against skull.

Scalp sensitive, worse on side lain on.

Headache in occiput, painful to touch.

Pain in forehead and proceeds thence backward.

Heavy head, head feels as if a board were snapped on the forehead.

Sensation of swashing in the brain.

Stupefying headache as if torn; from beer; returns from the least chagrin; worse from sitting, lying, in cold; better warmth, motion.


Type: Migraine. Nervous. Neurasthenic.

Location : Right temple. Left temple. Temples. Forehead.

Character of pain : Pressing.

Causes : Asthenopia.

Aggravation: Any slight un-wanted over-exertion; rising; open air; asthenopia; walking; exertion; shopping etc. in women; left side; when deviating from ordinary purpose; nerve tire, mental exhaustion, physical exhaustion working in open air; any extra exertion; from rising up in bed.

Amelioration: Good sleep.

Attending Symptoms : Constantly wants to spit.

Saliva viscid

Preceded by hunger.

Vision blurred.



Symptoms: Neurasthenic headaches from any slight un-wanted over exertion; frontal; temples; more right side.

Pressure from within outward.

Tight feeling of scalp; worse on rising from a supine position, in the open air; better after good sleep.

Almost constant desire to spit, saliva viscid.

Vision blurred.

Nausea and vomiting.

Headache from asthenopia; worse rising up, walking better, good sleep.

Constant spitting of viscid saliva.

A remedy for sick neurasthenic and nervous headache especially in women brought on or made worse by exertion, shopping, etc.

Pressing pain in temple from without inwards worse left side.

Viscid Saliva, constant inclination to spit.

Sick headache coming on when deviating from ordinary purpose.

Headache from nerve tire caused by mental or physical exhaustion; preceded by hunger; worse working in open air, better sleep.

Headaches of neurasthenic type brought on by any extra exertion; relieved by a good sleep.

The pain is pressing from within outward.

A very characteristic symptom is constantly wants to spit, saliva viscid.

Right temple more affected than left.


Type: Migraine. Anaemic. Menstrual. Periodical.

Location: Forehead. Over eyes. One side of head. Brain. Temples. Vertex. Occiput.

Character of pain: Throbbing, bursting, sore, bruised.

Extension: Begins in forehead, extends to occiput.

Aggravation: Morning. Morning in bed. Morning on rising; while constipated; coughing; becoming heated by fire or stove; jar; light; before menses; during menses; motion; noise; every seven days; erect or upright position; sitting; talking; every eight days.

Amelioration: Binding head; cold application; lying; dark room; pressure; vomiting; bandaging head tightly; copious pale urine.

Attending Symptoms: Profuse flow of urine during the headache.



Blindness and obstinate constipation.

Great prostration.

Constipation with ineffectual urging, painful stool excoriating cries.

Despondent at times, sleeps for hours during attacks.

Extreme nervousness and sleeplessness.

Is obliged to get up and walk about the room.

Over sensitiveness of sight and hearing.

Pale face.

Coldness of finger tips.

Icy cold all though body even near fire.

Great thirst for large quantities of very cold water.

Profuse urine or scanty high coloured urine.

Cannot sit still, must walk, fainting.

Great photophobia.

Very chilly.

Hands and feet cold.

Sensation as if the top of the head were lifted off, raised about five inches, and brain were coming out.

Symptoms: Sick headaches with profuse flow of urine during the pain.

Pain begins in forehead to occiput in morning on rising.

Intense throbbing with nausea, vomiting, blindness and obstinate constipation; worse noise, light, motion, during menses; better pressure, bandaging head tightly, great prostration.

American sick headache begins in forehead, extending to occiput in the morning on rising.

Constipation with ineffectual urging.

Painful stools extorting cries.


Anaemic headache, throbbing pain in forehead, nausea, vomiting, obstinate constipation, great prostration, worse during menses.

Hemicrania every eight days, at times sleeps for hours during attack, better bandaging head tightly.

Deepseated pain in brain, extreme nervousness and sleeplessness, cannot lie down from severity of the pain and is obliged to get up and walk about the room.

Oversensitiveness of sight and hearing.

Sensitive spot on scalp.

Great weakness, pale face, coldness of finger tips.

Icy cold body even near the fire.

Frontal throbbing headache in anaemic women, cannot sit still. must walk, fainting.

Periodical sick headaches in women.

Intense headaches, forepart, with nausea, and constipation.

Throbbing frontal headaches in anaemic woman, nausea, vomiting obstinate constipation.

Severe headache with a sensation as if top of head was lifted off, raised about five inches and brain were coming out.

Head feels hot; worse motion.


Type: NErvous. Gastric. Catarrhal. Periodical.

Location: Bones. Forehead. Left side of forehead. Over eyes. One side of head. Vertex. Over one eye, in one spot. Right side of head. Occiput.

Character of pain: Burning, Digging, bursting, stunning, stupefying, tearing, dull.

Causes: Bathing; disordered stomach; eating candy or drinking acid wine: suppressed eruptions; wine.

Aggravation: Noon; evening; ascending steps; after bathing; cold bathing; from becoming cold; from taking cold; after eating; from becoming heated; from becoming heated by fire or stove; motion; external pressure; loss of sleep; late hours; spirituous liquors; summer; exposure to sun; suppressed eruption; thinking of pain; walking in open air; washing head.

Amelioration: Open air; cold application; epistaxis; external pressure; walking; walking in open air.

Attending Symptoms: Great loss of hair.

Eruptions suppressed.




Great mental irritability.

Weakness of limbs and aversion to food.

Chilly, aching sensation in the limbs.



Rising and inclination to vomit.

Stoppage of nose.

Symptoms: Aching in vertex, on ascending from bathing, from disordered stomach especially from eating candy or drinking acid wines.

Headache with great loss of hair.

Headache after river bathing; from taking cold; alcoholic drinks; deranged digestion; acids, fat; fruit, suppressed eruptions.

Stupefying dull headache in the forehead, so violent that sweat broke out from anxiety when walking in fresh air.

Violent headache after bathing in the river.

Dull headache and vertigo increased by ascending stairs.

Falling off of hairs.

Nausea, no appetite, loathing, vomiting.

Bad effects of wine especially sour wine.

Headache over one eye in one spot, worse at noon, decreases at night, not relieved by vomiting.

Headache as if the forehead would burst from catarrh of the frontal sinus, with stoppage of nose.


Type: Gastric. Nervous. Periodical.

Location: Right side of head. Along border of orbit. Forehead. Brain; temples. Occiput. Vertex. Right side of forehead. Over right eye. One side of head.

Character of pain: Digging, throbbing, beating, pulsating, pressing nail like, constrictive, tearing, stitching, plug-like, band-like, boring, sore, bruised, stunning, stupefying.

Causes: Intellectual labour; mental over-work; fatigue; weak digestion.

Extension: Back, face, neck, right side, throat, temples.

Aggravation: Morning, morning in bed; evening; night; before mid-night; from too eager attention; bending head backward; coughing; exertion; exertion of body; looking fixedly at anything; lying, mental exertion; motion; noise; strong odors; after sleep; false step; while walking; at every step.

Amelioration: entirely when eating; when lying down at bed at night; when about falling asleep; during a meal; after eating; leaning against something; lying down; external pressure; hard pressure; sleep.

Attending Symptoms: Mental irritability.

Weak memory.

Feels as though he had two wills, one commanding to do what other forbids.

Slight offence causes excessive anger.

Symptoms: Headache from noise and at every step.

Headache with giddiness and vertigo; worse movement,

Digging and throbbing right side of head and along border of orbit; better (entirely) when eating, when lying down at bed at night, while about falling asleep, worse during motion, during work.

Headache in consequence of intellectual labour, with pains as from a bruise in the brain or tractive pressure in the forehead.

Pressive pains, principally in the temples as from a nail, worse after eating in cold air; exertion of the mind.

Constrictive pain in the head.

Sensation of tearing in the head chiefly on the right side and often as far as the face and neck, followed by buzzing in the ears.

In the evening sensation of digging in the head disappearing with sleep, stitches in the head.

Headache relieved entirely when eating, when lying down in bed at night and when about falling asleep, worse during motion and work.

Pressing pain as from plug, worse after mental exertion in forehead, occiput; temples; vertex, better during a meal.

Loss of memory, fluent coryza, loss of taste, diminished sensibility particularly of smell, sight and hearing.

Sensation as if a hoof around the parts.

Coldness internally with external heat, calmy perspiration in palms of hands, worse in morning.

Left side.

Nervous headache from mental overwork and fatigue

Tearing pains in forehead and back part of forehead.

Sensation as if a plug were in some part of the head or a constrictive.

Sensation as if a band were tied about the head, better strong pressure, lying down, falling asleep, eating; worse during motion, work.

Headache in occiput, worse loud noise, strong odors.

Gastric headache from weak digestion with fullness and distention of abdomen and pain around navel, as if a blunt plug were pressed into the intestines.

Mental exertion brings on a tearing headache, the pains being situated mostly in the forehead and back part of the head.

In other cases the patient complains of the plug sensation or of a constrictive sensation as though a band were tied about the head, great mental irritability.

Attending Symptoms: Great mental irritability.

Fullness and distention of abdomen.

pain around naval.

Loss of memory.

Fluent coryza.

Loss of taste.

Diminished sensibility, particularly of smell.

Coldness internally with external heat.

Clammy perspiration in palms of hands, giddiness and vertigo.

Buzzing in ears.

Feels as though he had two wills one commanding to do what other forbids.

Light offence causes excessive anger.


Type: Congestive. Nervous. Neuralgic. Migraine. periodical.

Location: Brain. Forehead. Occiput. Temples. Right temple.

Vertex. All over head. Over orbits. Right side of head.

Character of pain: Throbbing; pulsating; bursting; beating; sharp; violent.

Aggravation: 9 A.M. to 12; Before menses; motion; talking; over heating in the sun; winter months; thinking; every week; every four weeks.

Amelioration: Epistaxis; menstrual flow; profuse flow of urine; lying down; application of vinegar; haemorrhages; closing eyes.

Attending Symptoms: Retching.



Cold hands and feet.

Black spots before eyes.

Eyes heavy.

Blurred sight.

Wants to close them for relief.

Face intensely red and flushed with throbbing carotids.

Patient almost frantic.

Dizzy sick feeling, great prostration.

Sharp pains in right knee.

Violent palpitation and prolapsus uteri.

Sensitiveness of cervical and dorsal vertebrae, frequent urination.

Tendency to diarrhoea.


Confusion of thoughts.

Symptoms: Headache with retching, vomiting, sense of pressure over orbits, pallor, cold hands and feet, black spots before eyes.

Heavy oppressed, frontal throbbing, undulating sensation in brain.

Sick headache relieved by epistaxis or menstrual flow.

Fullness all over head; eyes heavy, blurred sight, wants to close them for relief.

Neuralgia around and over right side o f head and neck.

Scalp sore and tender to touch.

Face intensely red and flushed, with throbbing carotids.

Violent congestive or nervous headache epistaxis affords relief.

Congestion to the brain with intense redness of the face with throbbing carotids; better profuse epistaxis, worse overheating in the sun.

Most violent cerebral congestion with headache which drives the patient almost frantic. It really seems to the patient that the brain would burst through the forehead.

The throbbing pain is almost as violent as if it is under Glonoin; better profuse flow of urine.

Headache periodical, nervous, every week, every four weeks, more frequent during winter months.

Headache, intense in supra orbital region; worse by motion, by thinking, better lying down.

On talking disappeared from temple and settled in occiput.

Sick headache, better epistaxis, menstrual flow; blood bright red.

Violent congestion of head with heaviness, fullness, throbbing as if the blood would burst through nose, eyes, and ears, with dizzy sick feeling that is worse from motion.

Throbbing frontal headache preceded by great prostration.

Throbbing headache in right eminence from 9 A.M. till noon.

Sharp pain, right temple, alternating with sharp pains in right knee: better haemorrhages, flow of urine.

Sick and nervous headaches especially in winter.

Congestive headaches with violent palpitation and prolapsus uteri.

Violent congestive headache with sensation as if brain would burst through forehead, driving the patient almost frantic.

Intense throbbing, headaches in occiput and vertex with sensitiveness of cervical and dorsal vertebra, alternating between forehead and occiput.

Face highly congested, almost livid.

When talking, headache leaves forehead and settles in occiput returning to forehead when stooping; better by application of vinegar or lying down, by nose bleed; frequent urination, tendency to diarrhoea, forgetfulness.

Confusion of all thoughts.

Congestive headache better from bleeding of nose.


Location: Forehead. Nape of neck. Temples. Vertex. Brain.

Character of pain: Tensive, drawing, burning, stitching, dull, pressive.

Extension: Forehead, and temples.

Aggravation: Going up stairs; evening; open air; bending head to one side; after eating, lying down; sitting; after sleep; stepping heavily; stooping; walking.

Amelioration: Firm pressure with the hands; open air; stooping; sitting; leaning against something, while on side; motion; external pressure; hard pressure; touch, wrapping up head.

Attending Symptoms: cold hands and feet.

Difficult flow of ideas.

Sense of loneliness during pain and wants some one with her.

Icy coldness of hands and feet.

Emptiness of head after eating.

Symptoms: Pressing pain in forehead and temples from above downwards relieved by firm pressure with the hands.

Headache coming from nape of neck over the head, in forehead and temples from without inward of from above downwards with pressure in eyeballs, bursting pain as if the membranes of the brain were tense and pushing the skull open, better by pressure rather than by warmth.

Congestive headache in vertex and sensation when ascending steps as if a weight pressed upon the brain with cold hands and feet.

Dull headache in the room with difficult flow of ideas, better in open air.

Terrible sensation of loneliness during the pain, wants some body with her.

Headache better by pressing the hands firmly upon the parts, but headache returns when pressure is removed.

Pressing in vertex, better hard pressure with hands.

Weight pressing on brain with every step on ascending.

Pain from nape over whole brain, better stooping, sitting, worse going up stairs.

Headache pressing in vertex, from above downwards, better during hard pressure with hands.

When ascending stairs as if a heavy weight pressing on the head and brain at every step.

With the headache there is often associated icy coldness of hands and feet.


Type: Nervous. Chronic. Chlorotic. Migraine.

Location: Bones. Brain. Forehead. Right side of forehead. Left side of forehead. Over eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Right side of head. Left side of head. Temples. Vertex.

Character of pain: Boring, digging, burning, bursting, drawing, pressing, pressing asunder, stitching, stunning, stupefying, tearing, stinging, throbbing, beating, pulsating.

Causes: Brainfag. Nervous. Exhaustion.

Aggravation: Morning; morning in bed; noon; afternoon; evening; evening in bed; night, open air; ascending steps; going to bed; binding up the hair; while constipated; coughing; after dinner; during eating; after eating; from becoming heated; from becoming heated by fire or stove; abuse of iron; laughing; artificial light; lying down; before menses; during menses; mental exertion; noise; spirituous liquor; standing; straining eyes; exposure to sun; talking; tobacco smoke; walking; walking in open air; warm room; wine; over-taxed school children; every 10 or 14 days.

Amelioration: Open air; closing eyes; cold application; darkness; during eating; lying down; while menses begins; after menses; external pressure, hard pressure; washing head with cold water.

Attending Symptoms: Trembling hands and fidgety feet.


Nausea, with vomiting of bile, irregular menses.


Anorexia with constipation or hard small dry stools.

Hair falls out and scalp remains sensitive and sore.

Great weakness of sight.

Paleness of face, now and then vomiting, fidgetiness of legs.

Forehead cool and base of brain hot.



Weakness of vision, she seemed looking through a fog and could not distinguish even large objects.

Symptoms: chronic deep seated headaches from nervous exhaustion and brain fag.

Brainfag; nervous exhaustion.

Chlorotic headaches.

Chronic headaches, deep-seated and maddening pains with trembling hands and fidgety feet.

Stinging, tearing, headache worse on side of head, by wine and after dinner, better during menses but pains return afterwards.

Chlorotic headache in patients saturated with iron.

Pressure on top of head and forehead. Dizziness, nausea, with vomiting of bile, irregular menses, amenorrhoea, anorexia with constipation or hard small dry stool.

Internal headaches, semilateral, in forehead or occiput, worse in warm room, after eating and from even small quantity of wine, hair falls out and scalp remains sensitive and sore.

In chronic cases of cerebral affections; great weakness of sight, stitching pain in the right eye; paleness of face; now and then vomiting; fidgetiness of legs.

Headaches from the smallest quantity of wine.

Occipital pains with weight on vertex.

Brain fag.

Headaches of overtaxed school children; forehead cool; base of brain hot.

Zincum is indicated in severe forms of headaches. One of them is a stinging tearing, headache worse in the side of the head, greatly increased by wine; this headache is also worse after dinner.

Obstinate pain in the head, obstinate in its persistence yet intermittent in its quality, now very severe and now falling away but continually returning.

Pain as from a tearing in whole brain.

Headache at night or in evening after lying down.

Headache after drinking wine.

Fit of headache with nausea and vomiting.

Sharp pressure on a small spot in forehead, evening.

Pressure at root of nose as if it would be pressed into head.

Pressive cephalalgia, principally in morning and in forehead with confusion, or else in temples and occiput.

Pain in sinciput with dullness extending into eyes.

Compressive boring or expansive pressure in head.

Drawing in occiput and forehead.

Shooting and tearing in the head especially in the sides, temples, forehead and occiput, worse after dinner.

Hemicrania worse after diner, tearing, stinging.

Frequent pain in both sides of the head in the evening.

Pulsative pains in head; headache better in open air, worse in a room.

Headache with sympathetic amblyopia.

With headache a weakness of vision; she seemed looking a fog and could not distinguish even large objects.

Periodical, every 10 or 14 days.


Type: Chronic. Neuralgic.

Location: Occiput. Forehead. Left temple. Right temple. Sides of head. Bones. Brain.

Character of pain: Pressing, dull, shooting, sharp, vibrating, aching, contracting, squeezing, throbbing, burning.

Extension: From spine into head, from occiput extend forwards and downwards, from nape to supraorbital foramen and thence into eyes, extends down neck and spine.

Aggravation: Afternoon; 4 P.M. after excitement of emotions; mental exertion; stooping; walking; in literary men; businessmen, over-worked business-men; mental overwork; in students; in teachers; grief; depressing emotions; ascending stairs; sitting up; raising head; study; 9 P.M.; evening; 8 P.M.; turning head; moving eyes; 6-30 P.M.; 6 till 7 P.M.; artificial light.

Amelioration: Evening; open air; bending head; pressure; after sleep; bandaging head tightly.

Attending Symptoms: Heaviness of legs as if they were made of lead.

Coldness and numbness of legs.

Lassitude and debility.


Disinclination to do any thing.

Dizziness and sensation as if brain were to large for the skull, eyes feel sore to touch.


Burning along Spine.

Symptoms: Head pains relieved by bandaging tightly.

Occipital pain, worse slightest mental exertion.

Brainfag; of literary and business people; a slightest excitement, mental exertion or overwork brings on headache and causes burning along the spine.

Headache of students, teachers, and overworked businessmen; from grief or depressing emotions; in occipital, cervical region; worse or brought on by slightest motion or mental exertion.

Headache is better binding head tightly, rest, lying down; worse by motion, walking, raising head, sitting up, stooping, ascending stairs, study, slightest mental exertion, rising afternoon, at 9 P.M. pain in forehead and vertex and inability to sit up on stooping, or bending head or lying down, worse evening.

Headache worse rising, better, open air, pressure; bandaging head.

Headache in morning, in forenoon, worse in afternoon.

Headache in evening with thirst and heat, chiefly in temples, worse stooping.

Head feels too small; scalp sore to touch.

Sore aching in infra-orbital region.

PRessure outward as if head would fly apart, at 8 P.M.; worse motion, study.

Heaviness and dullness; alternating with emptiness.

Shooting from outside to centre of forehead in evening.

Intermittent sharp, vibrating pain in right supra-orbital region.

Aching in right supra-orbital region and in nape.

Throbbing over right eye.

Shooting form right to left temple with headache.

Neuralgic pain alternately in left and right temples.

Pressure outward at sides of head at 9 P.M.; turning head, moving eyes, least motion, with sensation as if frontal bones would split on.

Contracted, squeezed sensation in left hemisphere of brain at 6- 30 P.M. on going in open air.

Pain in right lower occiput with sensation as of a hand passing along right parietal eminence.

Pain in occiput and in nape; pain in right lower occiput as if right side of cerebellum were loose till 7 P.M., worse walking, better quiet with throbbing.

Heavy ache extending down neck and spine.

Heavy throbbing and burning pains extending from nape to supra- orbital foramen and thence into eyes which throb and feel sore to touch.

Pain shooting up from spine into head.

Chronic headache, generally located in or proceeding from occiput and extending forward and downward.

Dull, heavy frontal headache with dizziness and sensation as if brain were too large for the skulls.

Brain fag; headache worse from least over-work, excitement.

Fullness and heaviness of head with disinclination to do anything developing into intense throbbing pain, chiefly in forehead and eyeballs and extending backward to occiput, only relieved by lying flat down and keeping quiet; worse from motion; going upstairs.

Legs heavy, as if they were made of lead; coldness and numbness of legs, lassitude and debility; nosebleed.

Pains better rest, fresh air, binding head tightly.

Headaches and eyes are worse from artificial light; feeling as if brain were too large for cranium; better bandaging head tightly and by fresh air.

Heaviness in legs as if they were made of wood.


Type: Menstrual. Neuralgic. Catarrhal. Gastric. Nervous. Neurotic.

Location: Occiput. Over eyes, Forehead. Temples. Base of brain. Over left orbit.

Character of pain: Boring, digging, burning, bursting drawing, pressing, sore bruised, stitching stunning, tearing, band-like, darting, stupefying.

Extension: Right eye to occiput, eyes to occiput.

Aggravation: Morning, morning in bed; morning on rising; morning on waking; afternoon; evening; night; cold air; draft of air; binding up hair; taking cold; coughing; excitement of emotions; exertion of body; from becoming heated; jar; light; before menses; during menses; mental exertion; noise; external pressure; tiding in a carriage; after sleep; sneezing; heavily stepping; during stool; stooping; straining eyes; touch; walking; writing; in students; in those worn out by fatigue; in pale sensitive irritable persons; left side; worn out nursing mothers; worn out business and professional men.

Amelioration: Open air; pressure; after eating; lying on back; motion; wrapping up head; rising; gentle motion; outdoors; on menses appearing; heat.

Attending Symptoms: Weary, empty gone feeling in stomach.

Great weakness.

Frequent waking.

Always hungry with headache

Vomiting of sour phlegm.

Eyes unable to bear light.

Symptoms: Occipital headache, better after rising.

Headache of students and those worn out by fatigue.

Headache with weary empty gone feeling in the stomach.

Neuralgic headache of pale sensitive irritable persons, followed by great weakness.

Putrid smelling stools.

Worse during menses; brainfag.

Occipital headache, lasting all night; frequent waking with the pain, better on rising.

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