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1. Graphites is useful in nasal catarrh when there is an extreme dryness of the nose. Farrington.

2. Graphites may be used in chronic sore throat with sensation as of a lump in the throat. Farrington.

3. Dry cough with a great deal of strangling making the face red and eyes water; worse during deep inspiration: Graph. Farrington.

4. Graphites is said to prevent the return of erysipelas when that disease becomes constitutional; the affected part feels rough and tough. Farrington.

5. Arsenic is the remedy for debility resulting from overtaxing of the muscular tissues such as follows prolonged exertion, climbing mountains, etc. Farrington.

6. Cadmium is to be thought of when, from masturbation, the glans penis is as flabby as a rag. The prepuce, when it is with-drawn behind the glans, remains there, not having contractility enough to replace it. Farrington.

7. The Balsam of Peru should be remembered as an admirable remedy in bronchial catarrh when there is formation of muco-pus (loud rales; thick, creamy and yellowish-white expectoration): Farrington.

8. Caladium is indicated in stout persons of flabby fibre who are subject to catarrhal asthma, that is asthma with the production of mucus which is not readily raised, gives relief to the patient. Farrington.

9. Tarantula cubensis causes a perfect picture of carbuncle, even to the sloughing, and claims place as a rival of Arsenic and Carbo Veg. It may best be used effectually when there are great prostration and diarrhoea, with intermitting fever of evening exacerbation. In relieving the atrocious pain accompanying this condition it acts almost like magic. Farrington.

10. During pregnancy colic bending patient backward, with great faintness at pit of stomach: Dios. Gentry.

11. During pregnancy excessive acidity of stomach, belching, or vomiting intensely sour fluid setting teeth on edge: Robin., Sulph-ac. Gentry.

12. During pregnancy cannot bear odor of tobacco: Ign., Nux-v. Gentry.

13. During pregnancy feels better from warmth cannot bear cold air: Calc-c. Gentry.

14. Threatened miscarriage; pains from back into buttocks and hips: Kali-c. Gentry.

15. During pregnancy backaches severely when walking: Kali-c. Gentry.

16. During pregnancy attention or observation from others causes patient to twitch: Tarent. Gentry.

17. Nipples excoriated and fissured: Phyt. Gentry.

18. Tumor of left breast with lancinating pains; upon pressure pain extends into left shoulder and down arm. with constant painful feeling of weakness and lameness in left shoulder and arm: Lach. Gentry.

19. Cracks across crown of nipple: Sep. Gentry.

20. Abortion; head hot and throbbing: Bell. Gentry.

21. Labor, false pains running upward: Calc-c. Gentry.

22. Body smells offensive during menses: Stram. Gentry.

23. I have found it useful in incipient phthisis with hacking cough, hectic fever, nightsweats, scanty and delaying menses, great nervous prostration, great tenderness of the outer thorax, and rawness in the chest, haemorrhage from the lungs at the time the menses should occur, tendency to cold hands and feet, quick pulse, etc. 1x, 2x, 3x trit in grain doses: Calcis hypo. Hale.

24. Great debility, especially when attended by marasmus and wasting of muscular tissue. Hypophosphite of Potassa. Hale.

25. Myalgia or painful condition of the muscles of the whole body (Rheumatism) Hypophosphite of Potassa. Hale.

26. Profuse urine after headache: Asclepias Syr. Hale.

27. Dropsy from suppressed perspiration or renal disease: Asclepias Syr. Hale.

28. I would urge a trial of this remedy (Asclepias Syr.) in rheumatism when Colchicum and Cimicifuga seem inefficient. Hale.

29. Dropsy from Brights disease. Atropine: Hale.

30. Continued desire to open and shut the hands: Atropine. Hale.

31. Anaesthesia of the skin, the sense of touch is lost or perverted: Atropine. Hale.

32. In cases of retarded or suppressed eruptions, it will cause their re-appearance: Atropine. Hale.

33. Vomiting and purging, with cramps and collapse: Arsenite of copper. Hale.

34. Asiatic cholera with cramps in hands and feet. Arsenite of copper. Hale.

35. Boils frequently forming on the scrotum. Arsenite of copper. Hale.

36. Headache with inflamed eyes: Badiaga. Hale.

37. Syphilitic bubo in the left groin: Badiaga. Hale.

38. Hot and dry palms of hands (fever): Badiaga. Hale.

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