The writer became interested in making a study of Erigeron canadense after observing its through constitutional work in a certain patient who was troubles with sensation of congestions in various places, sometimes followed by haemorrhage. It was decided to make some provings, and several patients were given repeated doses of the 30th of a time. No definite effects were experienced.

The time for the preparation for this bureau had then become so short that I gave the medicine to my sixteen year old son and also took it myself. The boy had taken the 30th every two hours for three days when he begged to be allowed to stop the medicine because of the condition of his lips and mouth, and after there days more he felt that he must have an antidote, though I did not give one.

The lips became very sore, as if chapped, burning, crusted brown, with a sticky serous substance under the scabs which oozed out on the surface, a very sticky, messy condition. So uncomfortable were they that he spent most of his time moistening them with cold water for relief. As the condition progressed a black line of crusts formed at juncture of the mucous membrane and skin, completely encircling the orifice and producing quite a bizarre appearance. A solid row of white puffy herpes on the skin of the upper lip stood guard over the rest. The lips were well swollen and cracked and bled in addition to the rest, very sore, and felt full, as if they would burst. They felt decidedly worse in the evening.

Other symptoms were:.

Excessive tiredness worse toward evening, relieved by activity, but the arms and lower extremities ached when exercising; so tired he wanted to retire early, a phenomena never known before. Also very tired in the morning before rising; dreading to rise.

Mind dull, sits as if in a daze; “without thoughts”; irritable.

Sensation as of a lump in each nostril; as of something heavy lodged there; frequent snuffing, could not blow it out.

Appetite increased.

Much “rioting” of flatus in abdomen; causing pain in chest; pressing-aching from stomach up.

As the effects wore off an eruption appeared on the forehead and face, more distinct on the forehead; of color of the skin, appearing to the microscopic vision like vesicles but having no fluid content, forming thin translucent scales as it receded.

The writer took several doses of the 30th daily for three weeks. A few symptoms appeared that could not be otherwise accounted for:.

Very dull feeling head in the morning; when getting awake in the morning sensation in head as of separate aches swimming about slowly in fluid, relieved after moving a little in the bed. Draggy tiredness in the back and lower extremities, much worse after 8 p.m. (standard time).

A small hard pile appeared, not tender, slightly itching at times.

Urine scanty and very high colored.

Grotesque dreams, indistinctly remembered.

One peculiar symptom occurred twice only; twice after coming our from the usual morning cold shower the face and ears were intensely red, bright in color. There was no change in sensation whatever.



CHAIRMAN A.H.GRIMMER: You have heard this nice little paper that Dr.Hayes gave us. Is there any discussion, or are there any additions from observations that have been made by others? Erigeron is one of our remedies that should be reproven. It is undoubtedly a valuable remedy.

DR.C.M.BOGER: That very red face coming out in cold water points to the signature. Erigeron is known as fire weed, you know. If has fiery urine, that is, bloody urine. Those things help you to remember and make the connection.

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