(From The Homoeopathic Recorder).


MAN, aged 60, inveterate pipe-smoker, had a favourite slot on the right side of his mouth into which the pipe fitted and was held by three or four blackened teeth.

A sore developed on the right lower lip, exactly in the place where the pipe fitted. He complained about this sore place, which he thought was an obstinate cold sore because it hurt and the pipe stem seemed to make it worse. In size it was 4 or 5 mm. in diameter with just a denuded skin and mucous membrane.

There being no convenient anchorage on left side he was compelled to forego the use of his pipe entirely, but the sore did not get well– in fact, it grew. He used all sorts of soothing and healing applications to no avail and the sore continued to grow.

After eight or ten months he came to me. The sore now was about 10 mm. in diameter and perhaps 2 mm. in depth. Frequent applications of Calendula succas were useless after a months time. Arsenicum 3x internally and locally seemed for another month to hold the growth in check, but it then acquired new momentum and reached a size of 12 to 14 mm. three months later.

Extirpation was discussed and advised by influential friends, but he reaffirmed his faith and told me to go ahead.

Thuja 6x, Phyto, 3x, Sulph. 60x occupied about a year. Once during that time the sore seemed to recede for a month or so, but then took on new life.

After another six months, more through desperation than method, he was given two doses of Thuja 200x to be taken a week apart, and, when he came to use the second dose the sore was about healed. He reported and I told him to wait and in another week the sore was gone and is still gone, five years later.

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