Editorial – Homoeopathic Injections And Patients

Das N C



It is to be regretted that some Homoeopaths have commenced to use Homoeo injections and Homoeo patent medicines. In Homoeopathic Philosophy and in Homoeopathic literature we do not find any mention of Homoeo patents or of Homoeo injections. Homoeopathic medicines are to be prescribed on the strength of the totality of the symptoms.

A true Homoeopath cannot disregard the law of Cure and cannot use the Homoeo patents and Homoeo injections which have been made by a class of businessmen who never fall under the Category of Homoeopathic Chemists or of Homoeopathic physicians. These clever businessmen for the sake of earning money mislead the inexperienced young Homoeopaths and induce them through false propaganda to use these unhomoeopathic preparations for the cure of diseases.

We often notice advertisements for Homoeopathic injections and Homoeopathic patent medicines and these advertisements tempt new entrants to our profession. Our Homoeopathic Faculties should stand against such advertisements which tend to undermine the practice of Homoeopathic medicine and misguide our professional brothers.


1. When yawning in morning eyes stand full of water with lachrymation. Nux-v.

2. Dimness of sight when stooping, writing: Nat-m.

3. Lachrymation on writing: Calc-c.

4. All eye symptoms are aggravated by bathing eyes, so that child cannot beat to have any water touch them, and they are worse in open air: Sulph.

5. Pain in eye worse in warm room: Arg-n.

6. Strabismus, as if caused by worms: Spig.

7. Blindness with frequent desire to wink: Ph-ac.

8. Boils around eye and lids, and cystic tumours of lids: Sil.

9. Cataract after contusion: Con.

10. Cataract after suppressed foot-sweat or ringworm: Sil.

11. Cataract especially in women: Sep.

12. Syphilitic iritis, choroiditis and corneitis: Kali-Iod.

13. After coition weak eyes: Kali-c.

14. Cold Tears: Lach.

15. Perpendicular half sight in cataract: Caust.

16. Sees better when shading eyes with hand: Phos.

17. Left lower lid hangs down: Graph.

18. Inflammation of eyes following eruptive diseases: Apis.

19. Continual trembling of upper lids with lachrymation; Ars. A.

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