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Health Programme


Items 6 (Village sanitation) and 10 (Education in Health and Hygiene) of Gandhijis Constructive Programme no doubt exercise all thinking persons, more so all philanthropic physicians. The medical relief work started and conducted by Dr. B.C. Roy has to a great extent been helpful in implementing the work envisaged in Item No. 6 of the Constructive Programme, as medical relief and sanitation are complementary, one cannot do without the other. Consequently Dr. B.C. Roys organisation now constitutes an integral part of the programme.

For Dr. Roys unit to undertake the working of item 10 spells good deal of expansion of his organisation with more men and money. As the matter stands at the present moment the medical relief organisation, with the money at its disposal, can touch only a fringe of the necessity for want of adequate State contribution in coin or in kind. The men in the relief organisation cost even less than one-third the cost of the medicines of the allopathic school, a fact known to big and small, rich poor alike. Catholicity of Dr. Roy will not deny this fact.

It is this catholicity that did not deter him from using Alstonia scholaris when quinine was not available in required quantity, and to acknowledge openly its valuable effects. If Homoeopathy can come to the front line of this fight nd exhibit its indubitable curative virtue we do not think Dr. Roy will remain wilfully unconvinced and militant against Homoeopathy. SIR JOHN WEIR is not the least hesitant to admit Homoeopathy as a rational, scientific and logical system of medicine and Sir John openly practices it as well. Blessed be the day when we can get Dr. B.C. Roy to accept Homoeopathy as well.

But, have we not in our ranks any one hierarch of the personality of Dr. B.C. Roy, with his supreme power of organising, with the immense crowd of his implicit followers, and with that unebbing energy for sustained activities in all fields of Indias welfare ? May God graciously draw that hierarch out of his serene cave of inoperative meditation over opulence for leading the homoeopathic practitioners of Bengal unto the vast field of medical activities for relieving the destitute and distressed men, women, and children of this epidemic-striken province. Only thus can Homoeopathy be enshrined in the hearts of all people with coup de grace, a distinction not to be achieve by any other sort of recognition.

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