Robert H Farley



When we look back over the past thirty years or more for evidence of constrictive development of Homoeopathic concepts in his county, what we find is not discouraging. Fist we find that the leaders of our institutions began to be more concerned with conforming to the standards of the opposition no matter how devastating such action might be to our own major concepts. At an accelerated rate we find that the educational requirements which had been inherited from the Homoeopathic giants of former years were shunted to one side. This amounted to the virtual abandonment of the advanced concepts which had made us a vigorous and influential successful minority in medicine.

Along with this attitude on the part of those who were able to seize control of our institutions, our students were turned loose with only the foggiest ideas of what 3was basic in the Homoeopathic practice of therapeutics. Evidence of this is all about us. The head of a department claimed he was using Homoeopathic therapy when her gave Aconite to a patient suffering from tuberculosis of the kidney, because she showed a chronic evening rise of temperature.

Others taught that virus diseases required Gelsemium, never even mentioning the other remedies known to the useful in the treatment of influenza, chicken pox, mumps, etc., or in the occasional turned out to practice with this teaching were bound to find it ineffective. Therefore, on the basis of their own experience with what they had been told was good Homoeopathic therapeutics, they reached the conclusion that such therapeutics was no good and should be abandoned.

Those who were convinced homoeopathic therapeutics of ability often became obsessed with some phase of one or the other minor concepts associated with homoeopathy to such a degree that they often felt compelled to withdraw from active participation with the main body and even to form new and small groups of complacent souls. This promoted disunity and ineffectiveness. these practices tend to continue and, until they are placed in their proper perspective, will continue to be a source of frustration.

During this period of decadence we have practically abandoned the practice of giving new medicaments adequate proving, even failing to search out information as to their known toxic reactions as widely reported in current medical literature and being satisfied to use such “drugs” on a strictly empirical basis.

Among such substances are most of the nosode sand many new chemicals Such neglect has continued to the point where we no longer have many men who are aware of the requirements for an adequate proving. Instead of taking the not inconsiderable trouble offending now to use new drugs intelligently according to the law of Similars, we seem only too satisfied to give short reviews of the indications for drugs developed by our predecessors. while such reviews are very necessary they can never take the place of new work. They give others the impression that we consider HOMOEOPATHY a finished product, which it certainly is not and never will be.

This attitude on our part makes for the appearance of satisfaction with he status quo. This could only be justified if in our practices we never found cases of cancer, diabetes, sclerosis, psychosis and a host of other diseases that fail to be cured by any and all our known remedies. Actually, we must continually search for more efficient tools to be used for the benefit of our patients.

These are only some of the faults that are so self-evident in our branch of the medical profession to say. The only real progress we can make is by correcting them. No inspired sales talk, no wild enthusiasm, no large convention can contribute much to our advancement. Before we can make any real forward progress we must first recognize our faults and correct them. Being successful builders of large practices is not the answers and never will be.

LET OUR PROFESSIONAL LIVES BE A CHALLENGE AND NOT A TRUCE! Let us again set our own standards as to what is necessary to practice homoeopathic therapeutics.

Recently some 3750 physicians were reported to have dipped in to their own pockets to the true of 3,750,000 to be disturbed to various medical schools in this country. this average of

1000 per man is evidence of sincere intention to carry on. We, as a small minority, have an even more urgent need to funds to support our point of view and make possible acid for those among us who are willing to spend strength and time in the support of similia. Our forebears did it and prospered; we must do it or die.

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