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Consumption is a dreadful disease which carries off a large number of people of the civilized world every day. The medical profession has failed until now to discover a remedy that can cure it or stop its production. The occurrence of phthisis has increased alarmingly in the modern world but the unfortunate victims of this terrible disease die almost without proper treatment. Incipient cases of phthisis may receive most effectual help from Homoeopathy but neither the patients nor the medical men of the world seem to have any faith in the curative powers of this medicine.

In developed phthisis our remedies are quite able to bring considerable relief to suffers. Cases of phthisis before formation of tuberculous cavities have been cured under most careful and efficient Homoeopathic treatment. But cases gone far into the destructive process are beyond the curative range of our remedies. In such hopeless cases relief and prolongation of life are the only possibilities. But we can state without fear of contradiction that right application of Homoeopathic drugs can abort the whole disease in its incipient stage.

We can emphatically say that proper Homoeopathic treatment at the very commencement of the disease will never allow it to run into all its stages. It has been several times declared by efficient Homoeopaths of the world that children with a tubercular family history may not ever get the disease if they receive good homoeopathic treatment for all diseases in early years of life. Homoeopathic medicines when accurately selected will in such cases purify the system and will strongly fortify it against all possible future invasions of the disease.

Phthisis is preventable when homoeopathic medicine is used to eradicate the tendency towards it and the causes of the disease are removed. The following are some of the chief causes of phthisis.

(a) Loss of albumen.

(b) Poor diet or starvation; adulterated food.

(c) Close confinement.

(d) Excess of discharges from mucus membranes.

(e) Gonorrhoea.

(f) Syphilis.

(g) Frequent attacks of pneumonia

(h) Frequent attacks of Pleurisy.

(i) Direct inheritance.

(j) Suppressions.

(k) Cure of female diseases by local treatment.

(l) Suppressed diseases of stomach (diarrhoea, dysentery etc.)

(m) Suppressed haemorrhoids, suppressed fistula

(n) Suppressed inflammation of eyes.

(o) Suppression of common boils.

(p) Suppressed grief or some emotion.

(q) Sexual causes. Excessive loss of semen.

(r) injury of lungs.

(s) Contact.

(t) Excessive leucorrhoea in females.

(u) Menstrual causes, nonappearance of menses.

(v) Anxiety, worry, disappointed love.

(w) Frequent catarrhal diseases.

(x) Dampness of soil, humidity of air.

(y) Defective hygiene, lack of hygienic measures.

(z) Imperfect ventilation.

Over crowding, close work shops, dusty factories.

Now the curability of phthisis depends much upon the removal of the causes of the disease. Nourishing diet and residence under good sanitary conditions are very necessary for our purpose.

Removal of the causes mentioned above and use of homoeopathic remedies for all diseases of life are the real means, with which we can fight with tuberculosis in its early stages. Other measures of prevention may prove insufficient and their adoption may invite the very disease which they are intended to check. We draw the attention of the medical world to the usefulness of Homoeopathic medicines in the treatment of tubercular diseases. Remarkable success will follow the administration of homoeopathic remedies in the prevention and cure of phthisis.

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