Allan D Sutherland



Regardless of or when the war ends, no one can be the victor and the whole world will be the loser. The social, economic and monetary systems everywhere will undergo vast and undreamed of changes. Trade and commercial intercourse between nations will become chaotic and obliterated before a new and better order of reciprocity and universal justice will be established.

During this coming revolutionary turmoil, homoeopathy may well play a most necessary and constructive role in the creation of the future new order. Economy will be the most essential watchword and force, individually and collectively, in every phase and department of government and human effort, during the evolution and creation of this new and better state soon to be born into the world.

The cost of war in blood and treasure together with the loss of spiritual values to the race makes it absolutely prohibitive as a means of settling disputes between nations unless the world insists on committing universal suicide. Brute force driven on by selfishness and hatred and the lust to rule must perish and pass, as the power of justice and reason is reinstated to fashion a state built on the solid foundations of fraternity, integrity and justice.

Homoeopathy spells economy and efficiency to the highest degree, even under our present disordered and antagonistic social order. Nothing in medicine has ever equalled its power in the cure of epidemic disease and epidemic disease follows inevitably in the wake of war and famine, instruments of the “grim reaper, Death”.

In the flood of mounting costs, homoeopathy will prove an undreamed of boon in medical economy, reducing medical costs a thousand fold over those of traditional medicine, while increasing the power of curing in like proportion.

Homoeopathy should now begin systematic organization that they may be prepared to meet the exigencies of the near future by giving a service only they can give to the ailing time.

First, let there be in every city and hamlet wherever a homoeopathic physician lives, established a homoeopathic clinic. In the larger centers, homoeopathic groups can collaborate in proving the superiority of homoeopathic treatment over all others in the whole field of sickness, both acute and chronic.

And more, homoeopathy can show the world the surest, safest method of prophylactic treatment that has ever been discovered.

With such an instrumentality at our disposal and under the lash of dire necessity to society, an opportunity is presented to our cause for a transcendent and most far reaching service to harassed humanity.

Homoeopaths: the hour of destiny is at hand; empires are crashing in the birth throes of a better social order. We must organize and work with unflagging faith and enthusiasm for the privilege of giving to the future the priceless boon of homoeopathic healing.–A. H. G.

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