Clinical Uses Of Calcarea Hypophosphorosa

Das N C


“Torpid and extensive abscesses on the lower limbs with profuse suppuration.”

Psoas abscesses, with great debility and anaemia; coldness of extremities.

Bone diseases with caries and purulent discharges.

Several abscesses in and around knee-joint.

Ulceration of tibia.


Hacking cough (with soreness and tenderness of chest) after exhausting diseases of any kind.

Cough in phthisis pulmonalis.

Cough associated with tubercular meningitis.

Dry cough recurring in paroxysms.

Hacking cough in incipient phthisis.


Incipient phthisis, hacking cough, hectic fever, night sweats, menses scanty and delayed, great nervous prostration, tenderness of outer thorax, rawness in chest, haemorrhage from lungs at the time the menses should appear, cold hands and feet, quick pulse (1st, 2nd or 3rd triturations) scrofulous manifestations (Calc-C) cough, haemoptysis; pulmonary consumption, pain in the chest of consumptive patients.

Acute ulceration of the lungs after pneumonia.

Coldness of extremities.

Mesenteric tuberculosis.

Diarrhoea in phthisis pulmonalis.

Chronic diarrhoea with undigested stool.

Phthisis, first, second and last stages.

Night sweats from debilitating diseases.

Calm and profound sleep in consumption.

Chest pains of consumptives.


In the incipient stage. Cough for several months, cough dry and recurring in paroxysms. Depression of spirits, no appetite, loss of flesh; capricious and variable disposition, free perspiration about head and neck; pale and sad face (Calc-C. Ph.Ac).


In children with Calcarea symptoms; after pneumonia. Great prostration. Unconscious of all surrounding objects, constant vomiting, etc.


Mesenteric disease. Previously child has been fat or of flabby flesh.

For effects of exhausting discharges of blood, semen mucus, pus or any abnormal secretions it is a very useful remedy (China).


Chronic irritating leucorrhoea. Leucorrhoea in young children. Cold extremities.


Bleeding piles, blood profuse. Veins distended like whipcords.


Abundant epistaxis in healthy persons.

Profuse flow.

It is also useful in Asthma, Paralysis, Angina pectoris, Headache, etc.

Use trituration (low and high).

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