Clinical Proving Of Sanicula

Banerjee N


Season – June to August, September and October.

Aggravation:- In a closed room, in cold damp weather, at the change of season, after eating, after stool, by taking the hands behind the back or by raising arms, from sudden noise (palpitation) and from bathing.

Amelioration:- In open air and from monthly flow.

It is a very good remedy for many complaints that come after child-birth especially paralysis. Its tongue is peculiar, thick at the base and thin in front and both the ring and pointer fingers are of equal size in the right hand.

Mind:- Obstinate, impatient and irritable.

Head:- Headache. Cannot tolerate noise or light. Heat on the top of the head (Caust, Sulph). Bald spots on the head.

Eyes:- Lachrymation in open air (Pso, Staphy).

Face:- Glands below chin with fever. Cancer on the left cheek. First a pimple appears on the cheek. It then breaks and leaves a hole. This hole gradually extends and ultimately the entire left cheek is eaten away.

Neck:- Swollen glands on the left side of the neck (Cal. Flu.)

Mouth and Throat:- Itching of lips. Stammering. Perforation of the central palate.

Stomach and Abdomen:- Gall stone colic. Enlargement of the spleen.

Stool and Anus:- Changeable stool (Cham. Sulph). Prolapsus of rectum (Cal. Sulph).

Urine:- Comes drop by drop (Bell). Renal colic. Baby cries at the time of passing urine (Pso. Tuber).

Sexual Organs:- Profuse menses. Hunger before menses. Suppression or menses.

Respiratory Organs:- Palpitation from sudden noise Baby coughs and swallows up the phlegm (Caust). Asthma at night, profuse phlegm comes out.

Extremities:- Nodes on the wrist. Paraplegia after child birth (very good remedy). Swelling of left knee. Right sided paralysis of the face (left. Mur. Acid). Polio-myelitis on the left side.

Skin:- Eczema on the right side of the neck. Eczema on the neck.

Fever:- Fever after delivery (Sulphur).

Nerves:- Hysteria.

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