Clinical Proving Of Asterias Rubens

Das N C


Aggravation: From light, exertion, noise, crying (in case of babies), walking up a height, warmth of bed and in the morning.

Amelioration: From highly seasoned food, cold water, in the open air and after eating.

It covers all the three miasms and suits those whose nose- lids are thick with no streaks on them and who are weak in mathematics or woman who have borne too many children. Its tongue is thick and flabby and has bubbles of saliva on the sides or the tongue is coated yellow in the centre with papillae erect near the tip. It has sweat all over the body excepting the head (Cham, Ledum, Rhodo and Thuja) and everything tastes bitter.

Mind: Jealous and irritable. Dull headed. Asterias brightens intelligence.

Head: Fails to pass examinations because he is weak in working out sums. Pimples on the forehead of youngsters during summer.

Eyes: Anaemia.

Ear: Boil inside the ear (Kali Carb, Pic. Acid.).

Nose: Bad smell from the left nostril which the patient notices.

Mouth and Throat: Bleeding from the mouth. Swelling of gums in April. Tongue itches. Ulcers on the lower lip (Nit. Acid; on the upper lip – Rhus Tox; on both the lips – Conium, Kali Mur). Profuse saliva comes out of the mouth. Swelling bellow Adams apple. One lymphatic gland on the left side of the neck.

Stomach and Abdomen: Pain in the stomach after eating. A very good remedy for Liver Abscess if it is caused by a fall. Pain in the liver increases from coughing (First give Asterias, then Bryonia and finally a dose of Sulphur.) Cannot digest food (Sarsa). Undigested food comes with the stool (Ant. Brud, Conium). Bubo in the groin.

Stool and Anus: Pain in the abdomen for want of stool.

Urine: Suppression of urine. Burning at the close of urination (Sarsa). The desire to urinate persists.

Sexual Organs: Moist sores on the scrotum. Itching and burning in the vagina. Pimples on the nut and in the constricted portion of the penis. Itching of the prepuce. Leucorrhoea after menses. Catches cold before menses.

Respiratory Organs: Palpitation during heat. Cough in October. The face becomes red with the cough. Does not like to drink. Vomit everything either solid or liquid. Pain at the end of sternum (Psor).

Extremities: Pain in the calf.

Skin: Eruptions near the corners of the mouth. Blackness of skin on the forehead (Ars, Caust). Weeping eczema on legs (Sil; on the face Ars). Urticaria by putting the hands in cold water (Urticaria at night – Ars, Cal. Sulph).

Fever: In October. Temperature 105 degrees. With the decrease of temperature in the pox season, pox breaks out. Fever with pernicious anaemia. Bloodless tongue.

Desire: In summer, babies have excessive thirst for cold water.

Sensation: As if the skin is pricked with needles.

It is followed well by Staphy, Sulphur and Tuberculinum.

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