{ Read before the Annual Meeting of The International Hahnemannian Association, Philadelphia, July, 1926}.

Augustus Angell, M.D., Millbrook, Duchess C., N.Y.

On Sunday, September 19, 1921, a friend from New Jersey while on a tour through New England called at my residence for a few minutes to learn how all the members of our family were progressing. We were informed of a severe case of sciatica of his near relative,Miss H.M.A., which developed on April 6th, five months and a half previous, without any improvement up to this period. The invalid had spend the month of August in the Catskill Mountains without much improvement. Four or five physicians had made efforts to relieve the pain, but all had failed. My friend gave me some of the symptoms and I thought some benefit might be obtained by the use of Lycopodium. “For heavens sake, DR. Angell, if you can help her, please send some medicine immediately”.

The medicine was mailed on September 20th, and report was requested on Saturday. The report announced no pain after the second day, and requested more medicine. Lycopodium 200 was prescribed, two tablets morning and night for three days. Placebo for a week and rest. No further trouble until October 18th, when some fatigue came, and two doses of Lyco. cm. and placebo for a week. Nothing further required. On February 27, 1922, a slight return of sciatica from overwork, and exhaustion of the whole system. Two doses of Lyco. cm. and rest cured all. Six months reported as well.

Chronic Gastralgia-Presumed?.

Patient, Mrs. F.A.H., aged sixty-six, Ithaca, N.Y.

Illness for a long period at intervals. A daughter urged for a homoeopathic physician for treatment inasmuch as the pain had continued a long period. A fairly good history of the case was written by the daughter and mailed to me arriving about MArch 8, 1924, at Millbrook. N.Y. Pain in the stomach for indefinite periods. Troublesome at periods for twenty years or longer. Pains recur always by motion of the arms and back, also by sweeping, causing great fatigue and exhaustion.

Relief of pain by pressure on the stomach, and on leaning over the back of a chair. Great restlessness attends the pain. Kents repertory was used, and the selected remedy was Argentum Nit. 30x, which was mailed. A report was requested in ten day. In that period the response informed me the relief came in ten hours. More tablets were requested for an emergency and were mailed.

It is now nearly two years and no attacks have occurred.

Miss E.W.S., aged thirty-five; la grippe.

Attended by a young surgeon, O.S., a graduate of Yale University and Johns Hopkins Medical College. La Grippe developed February 11, 1910. Treatment commenced on February 11, and continued until a week when conditions were becoming serious. I was called on February 18 to examine the ears. No serious conditions were found in the ears, and suggested he continued with his medicine.

A week later I was summoned for another ear examination. The hearing power was normal. While there made a thorough examination of the lady. Mental condition very despondent, thought she would never recover. Soreness of tissues surrounding eyelids, also aching. Soreness of eyeballs. Forehead, bruised and painful sensations. Nose, some slight discharge of blood with crusts. Ears with fullness and pressure and ringing. Stomach easily nauseated. Aggravated in early evening. Some fever.

Want of reaction. As his medicine had failed, I suggested I would give him three doses of Sulphur 30 to give the patient as his prescription and I would be silent. He received the medicine and gave it to the patient. Two days later a member of the family called at my office and asked for some more Sulphur. I was shocked! and almost fell out of my chair, as the doctor had given away all of my secrets to the family. However, I gave the member of the family a few placebos, and the invalid recovered in two days of all the symptoms above noted.

After full convalescence the lady favored me with a great many eye and ear patients. The doctor has never favored me since.

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