Clinical Cases

Vivian R P


CASE. I. Man, 64. Has been treated for rheumatism for about twelve years. Has been bothered much with his kidneys during the past year. Heart also troubled him, doctor (allopath) says he can do nothing more for him. Unable to work.

July 2. Pain in right arm and shoulder and scapular region a little worse on movement. Sensation of stinging in the affected parts, which are better in dry cool weather. Urine is very scanty, with heavy dark colored sediment and a certain amount of irritation during passage. Does not drink nearly so much fluid as formerly quite thirstless. Is very restless. Right leg pains like the arm with similar modalities. Has been troubled with vertigo increasingly and thinks the scantier the urine the more marked the vertigo. At present quite unable to walk from it. Has an irregular pulse and sometimes a sense of constriction around chest. Also troubled with spots before eyes. Likes to go with his coat off.

Apis 200 four times a day to report in two weeks.

July 15. Better in all particulars, able to walk perfectly straight. Urine increased and clearer. Pains decreased.

Apis c.m. one dose and Sac. lac. four times a day to report in two weeks.

July 21. Patient returned a little sooner as he said that he improved steadily up to yesterday and then had a little pain.

Apis c.m. and Sac. lac. four times with a repetition later in some three weeks straightened out his rheumatism.

CASE II. Young man, 23. Spare, dark hair and eyes. Drinks a little too much. Been bothered with indigestion increasingly for some two years. Nervous.

August 1. Soreness in region of stomach. Sensation of strap around body under the ribs. Much flatulence about an hour and a half after meals. Sensation of lump at lower end of sternum worse after eating; craves pickle and sour things. Constipated.

Nux.v. 200 four times a day for three weeks.

August 20. Improved in every way. A little flatulence and soreness left.

Nux v. c.m., and Sac. lac. four times for two weeks.

September 6. Everything gone except a little flatulence. Nux.v.c.m. one dose again and Sac. lac. four times a day for two weeks.

October 1. Cured.

CASE III. Baby ten months old, has had some bowel trouble and been treated allopathically but growing steadily worse.

August 2. Child carried in mothers arms, only thing that relieves. Thirsty, terribly cross, hot wet head, particularly when sleeping, thirsty, stool about every forty minutes, green, watery and very irritative, a good deal of colic.

Chamomilla 200 every hour; to see again tomorrow.

August 3. Diarrhoea stopped, child not near so thirsty or irritable. Continued Cham. four times a day for another twenty- four hours and child was all right.

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