M.M. Mukerjee, M.D., Benares City, India.

Involuntary Stools After a Surgical Operation.


On November 11, 1918, a girl of six years, named Sukdaiya, daughter of an oliman, Mohanlal, of Sonarpura, Benares City, came to me for involuntary stool during micturition of which she had complained since an abscess in the right gluteal region was opened by a surgeon. Whenever she attempted to pass urine….. stool escaped. I gave her a dose of Staph.200. Next day there was no change at all. Then a dose of Acid Mur. 200 was given. On the 14th a dose of Sulphur 200 was given, as there was not the slightest change. A little improvement was reported on the 18th. I again gave a dose of Sulphur 30 and on the next day the girl could pass urine freely without the involuntary stool. I have been observing her up to this date and I have not seen any recurrence of the trouble.

Corneal Ulcer Following Smallpox.

Rasal Sheikh, weaver by profession, resident of Chunar, famous for its pottery works, came to me on April 3, 1919, having a cover over his left eye, weeping and complaining of excruciating pain in the eyeball. The eye was blood red, having a white spot the size of a split pea over the cornea. He had been suffering from this pain more than a fortnight, following a severe attack of small pox. I gave one dose of Bell.200. Next day he came almost in the same state, save that he was not so sensitive to light and the eye was less injected. I now gave three doses of Spigelia 30 to be taken every six hours. On the 7th he was much better and received three doses of Spigelia 30.

Next day he saw me and was in very good spirits and said he was almost cured of the pain and wanted to go home (Chunar). I gave him a dose of Nat.Mur.1000 as a constitutional remedy, also a few globules of Spigelia, to be taken if necessary for the recurrence of the pain. On the 13th he came from home and complained of pain and defective sight on attempting to weave.

The white spot still persisted. I gave three doses of Ruta.30 and two doses of Cal.carb.30, the latter to be taken once a week after the former had been taken every twelve hours. On July 30 he saw me and said he was all right and that no pain had returned on weaving. the white spot was not so marked, although it was visible still. I now gave him a dose of Calc. carb.1000. A year after this he cam to see me quite plump and healthy and free from the spot on the cornea.

Chininum Sulph.200.

My mother used to get attacks of intermittent fever every alternate day, in the forenoon, and she always checked them with Quinine. She was so much afraid of the attack that she dared not make trial of any other system of medicine. At last I persuaded her to try homoeopathy and to suffer two more attacks, which followed the first dose of the homoeopathic remedy. The fever was of the typical character of Chinin.Sulph. Severe shaking, chill with thirst and vomiting, followed by high fever, temperature 106, in turn followed by perspiration, though not copious. I dissolved six pellets of Chinin. Sulph. 200 in two ounces of water, succussed this twice and gave half of it just after the sweat. The temperature dropped to 99 and speedy cure followed. The medicine was not repeated for ten years.

Medorrhinum in condylomata.

One Kashi Nath Maharaj, of Mahajantola, came to me for the treatment of venereal warts on the glans penis from which he had been suffering for several years after an attack of gonorrhoea. I gave him a dose of Medor. 10 m. on December 10, 1922, and no other dose of any medicine up to this day. The condylomata were at first 1/4 to 1 inch long, but now few of them are of the size of cucumber seeds and some have disappeared entirely.

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