CASE. I. D.W., 64, whose second name might well have been “cough,” had grippe last January and the fact that only slow recovery could be reckoned as the result of Bryonia, Gelsemium, Silica and Kali c. by mid-February called a halt to that kind of routinism. He had had one or two colds every year, winter or summer, and “cough” dogged him for weeks or months after them. His present mode was sudden bursting out of cough at any time, especially at night, jumps up suddenly from sleep and scares his wife who fears for his blood vessels. It is aggravated by cold drink and by first motion. These colds date back to whooping cough while a young boy.

Pertussin 200, 1. No trouble since, slept all of even the first night.

CASE II. Jan. 12, 1941. Mrs. P., about 30, gaunt and very slender, tb. on mothers side; confined to bed several days with dizziness tends to fall forward, > closing the lids, the vision blurred.

Coughing two months, daytime only, > while warm in bed < by warm air. Has felt heavy and tired a long time, especially mornings.

Tight sensation about the waist. Craves sweets. Chills easily. Backache > by continued motion (lumbar region).

Irritable; timidity about noises at night (husband works out). Driven in a hurry to urinate. Persistent sleepiness. Bony tumefaction on vertex.

What could one do with this mixture of symptoms ? Ask for more!.

Dullness lower left lung; diminished respiration right lower. But what is this? Ichthyosis? It looks just like it; all over uncovered parts; worst on extremities and back. Scarlet fever at six. Rash did not appear; was sick almost a year. The skin has been “desquamating” ever since. Finckes Scarletina 1M., 1. One month later. Steady improvement since but has a dreadful nervous spell; cannot do anything; feels as if something awful would happen. I took this to be a moderate psychosis resulting from the radical change that was going on and give Sac. lac. Greatly improved since, no further medication needed.

CASE III. Mrs. G., 55, verruca vulgaris on hands two years, gradually increasing in size, numbers and roughness. The warts become red, sore around the bases and itch when too tired.

Too good appetite; craves sweet pastry. Anorexia in the morning. Hates cold weather. Tired; < mornings. Is overworked, would like to get away.

Grippe every February or March. Appendectomy years ago, Also facial erysipelas. Repeated vaccinations; only the first produced and reaction. White bread causes eczema. NOthing further could be obtained.

Sepia, Calc., Verr. vul., Thuja, Sulph., all n.g. during six months. Med. 2M.: warts leaving rapidly. Someone please figure that out.

CASE IV. G.D. aet. now 42. Cured of impetigo in 1930 by Sulph.

Eczema appeared on extremities four years later. Graph. from 10M. to C.M. between one or two year periods of non- treatment wore it down so there was not much left but the little spot on right leg would not budge, despite Sulph., Calc. sulph., Psor., Lyc. (Dr. Woodbury). During 1940 the eruption gained on us and an eczematoid ringworm eruption appeared on the left hand, an entirely new development.

Polyphage 1M. and 10M. prescribed solely on its (admittedly questionable) reputation has produced distinct improvement. The cure is not yet but something is being demonstrated anyhow. WATERBURY, CONN.

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