A case of Red Leprosy.


Srimati A was attacked with red leprosy all over the body. The odour that came out of her body was intolerable. The case was diagnosed as Leprosy by several allopaths and the patient was told that a sum of Rupees Five hundred was to be spent to meet the cost of medicine and injections. As the husband of the lady was not willing to spend the amount she was placed under my treatment. On seeing the tongue, I prescribed Nat. Mur. This remedy did nothing but changed the colour of the swelling from red to light black. Natrum Mur was continued for some time. When further improvement was not noticed.

I looked at her face and saw that her eyes were sad and the grief muscle between the eye – brows was prominent. This grief muscle cannot develop unless there was grief in the mind. I asked her what was the cause of her sadness. She first declined to answer but when I put pressure on her she said that her husband was living with her young widowed sister and was taking no notice of her. On hearing this sad story, Aurum Met came to my mind. Aurum met in high dilution was given and she was told to come after a month.

There was rapid improvement. When she came to see me after the specific time, all the swellings subsided, the foetor was gone and the patient was happy. Several blisters appeared on the soles of the feet. Aur. Met. was continued and after two months, the case was declared as cured. Whenever you will find that the eyes are sad and the grief muscle is prominent, do not hesitate to prescribe Aurum Met. The recovery of her ailment created a stir in the city.

A case of Stone in the Kidney.

Baby Nur Mohd. was brought to my clinic for treatment. He was suffering from swelling all over the body and difficulty in passing urine. On examining the pulse I found that the beat in the Vayu region was missing. This is an indication for Causticum which was given in the 30th dilution and the patient was asked to come on the fifth day. Causticum did not show amelioration before the fifth day.

After five days when the baby was brought. I found there was no swelling at all. The baby was passing urine freely. The babys father showed me a piece of stone which came out with the urine. A few more doses of Causticum were given and the patient was discharged as cured. Causticum is to be prescribed if there is no beating of the pulse in the vayu region, if the forearm is cold both inside and outside and if the patient is timid and distrustful.

A case of Dropsy of the Abdomen

A mahomedan gentleman of black complexion was attacked with dropsy of the abdomen. On examination I found that the abdomen was very hard. There was costiveness and no discharge of flatus. I asked him whether he had suffered from otorrhoea before. The answer was in the affirmative. I thought it was fit case for Calcarea Silicata. I gave him a dose of this remedy in the 30th dilution and asked him to come after a fortnight.

There was appreciable improvement. Bowels were moving regularly. The swelling subsided and flatus was passing as usual. A month after, the patient came and said that he was completely cured. Calcarea Silicata is a deep and long acting remedy and is not to be repeated as long as there is improvement.

A case of Weeping Eczema

A punjabi gentleman from Quetta came to me for treatment. He was suffering from weeping eczema. His face was covered with sores and fluid was coming out of them. It was really a sad case. I asked him to show me his tongue. Seeing the red papillae near the tip, Arsenic was prescribed and the patient was asked to come after four days. When he came next time, the oozing stopped.

Two more doses of Arsenic 30 were given and after ten days, the patient appeared before me perfectly cured. In case of weeping eczema on the legs Asterias Rubens and on the feet Silicea act nicely. Asterias Rubens is to be prescribed if the noselids are thick and Silicea if there is a history of Otorrhoea.

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