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15. Is there a book published that gives the particular miasm causing the different disease conditions? R.A.MUELLER.

16. Would the indicated remedy lead you to particular miasm that was causing the trouble? R.A.MUELLER.

17. I am particularly interested in your articles on tuberculin testing of cows. Could anyone tell us what happens when Tuberculinum and Castor equi meet and why the action of Castor equi is so long delayed when it is given to a tuberculin tested cow? JOHN HECK.

18. I have the pleasure of mailing you a package of periodicals, called Pervenir, which gives a discussion of the Board of Health. Dr. Vela Gonzales affirms that cancer is not curable with homoeopathic remedies. The public in this city (Monterrey, Mexico) does not know whether the cancerous cases which are homoeopathic are curable or not. Will you please this matter up for discussion? C.MONTFORT.

A triangle or trinity exists in every case; the mental symptoms, the physical symptoms, and the remedy. Given any two factors and the third may be inferred. The mental symptoms and the physical symptoms will indicate the remedy. the mental symptoms and the remedy will indicate the physical symptoms. The physical symptoms and the remedy will indicate the mental state. For example, a case of colic, brought on by a fit of anger, cured by Colocynth. STUART CLOSE, M.D., from unpublished notes.

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