Rasmus Alsaker


ARTHRITIS is a definite term meaning inflammation of the membranes of the joints. When joint after joint is affected the term used should not be rheumatism but arthritis. All are familiar with the glistening, shining membranes that cover the articulating surfaces in the joints of chicken or perhaps other animals. It so happens hat human beings have the same kind of membranes in their joints. These membranes should be smooth and glistening, so smooth that one bone slides over the other with ease and without obstruction.

They should also be well lubricated. So it is in a healthy joint. When arthritis comes, these membranes grow inflamed and throw out an exudate and this exudate causes a roughening and then the joints do not work smoothly which causes pain. Due to this pain, the individual tends to keep the joints from moving fully so as not to be hurt, and then there is limitation of motion. We have seen many cases where the knee joints or other large joints in the body were supposed to be completely locked, but as soon as the individuals were relieved of all pain through right eating, drinking and general good care, some motion was re-established. In arthritis the joints are sometimes completely locked by a deposit of lime and this is known as ossification and the result is called ankylosis. Then all motion is of course lost. DR. RASMUS ALSAKER, The Master Key to Health.

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