Charles A Dixon

[ Read before the Bureau of clinical Medicine, I.H.A. July 5, 1950].


When this body was convened in Atlantic City, I gave a history of the youngest and sickest case of anemia it has ever been my experience to have. That was two years ago, so now I want to present to you what appears to be perfectly healthy child.

this case was presented two years ago and subsequently published in the Recorder, but perhaps you all have forgotten about it, so I shall briefly review it now.

Baby F. was eleven months old when I started treating her. The blood count was: RBC, two million three hundred thousand” WBC, seventeen thousand seven hundred. Hb. was too low to be read. This was on December 3rd, 1947. Each blood count has improved until the last one, taken December, 1949, which was RBC, four million two hundred thousand: WBC, eight thousand six hundred, and Nb. eighty-four per cent.

Now for the treatment started in 1947: No special diet was advised. She continued on her standard pasteurized milk and her first prescription was Fer. Phos. 50M, which was repeated, I think, four times until June, 1948, when I read my paper in Atlantic City. In the discussion following, Dr. Griggs suggested that Fer. acetate had given him good results. I was impressed enough to study the drug and switched my next prescription to 50M of Fer. acetate.

There has been no blood count since February of this year, because the child to all appearances is well and has had no medicine since then. However, it is unnecessary to say she is still under observation. AKRON, OHIO.


Dr. WILLIAM P. STOCKTON [Glendale, California]: My work is primarily with children. Homoeopathic remedies will do wonders with children, no question about it; but if you can correct the nutritional deficiencies also, you will get more rapid results than with the homoeopathic remedy alone.

After having seen the motion pictures shown the other day, I am more convinced of this than ever. You saw the cats fed on raw milk dropped to the floor from a height, and they had a spring to their feet. The cats fed on pasteurized milk had flabby, soft paws, and when dropped they sprawled on the ground.

I am convinced that we must not only give the right homoeopathic remedy, but that we also must direct our talents to correcting the nutritional deficiencies if we want to do everything possible possible for our patients.

DR. WILBUR K. BONG [Greensfork, Indian]: It is not an uncommon thing for patients to come to us from the other school, filled full of liver and iron extract for anemia. Sometimes it is pretty difficult to convince them that they should give all of that up and try straight homoeopathic remedies.

DR. W.E. JACKSON [ Brea, California]: Regarding what Dr. Stockton just said, I dont exactly like the way he said it. He spoke of nutritional deficiencies. I think what he really intended to say was food nutritional deficiencies.

DR. DIXON (Closing): The point I stressed in my paper was that the baby had had nothing but the homoeopathic remedy. I would have liked to have had a chance to give it milk before it had been devitalized. I cant do that in Akron because the Board of Health does not allow milk to be sold that had that not been treated.

I dont believed in supplying vitamins to take the place of it. I dont believe in using vitamins at all. I dont believe in supplying a deficiency. To my mind that is not a cure. The important thing to me is that the remedy has worked marvels in a child who didnt who didnt look like it had more than ten days to live when I first saw it.

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