C.M. BOGER, M.D.


899 Pain, walking fast, agg.: Sep.

weakness, with : Casc.

extending, anus, to: Nat. carb., Phos.

arms, to : Ars., Berb., Phos.

downward: Cocc. ind., Phos.

feet, to : Alum., Berb.

lower limbs, to : zinc.

cervical region, left : Carbo an.

right : Graph.

to left : Calc. phos.

900 bending forward, on : Cimic.

chewing, agg. : zinc.

lifting, exertion, etc., agg.: Arg. nit., Calc. carb., Lil.

tig., Sep.

looking up, on : form.

lying on sides, agg.: Graph.

pressure, amel.: Psor., Zinc.

raising body, on : Caust.

901 talking, agg.: Arn.

extending, ear, behind left : Form.

epigastrium, to : Kali carb., Rat., Thuja.

eyes, to : Lach., Phos. ac., Pic. ac.

forehead, right, to : Merc. i.f.

occiput, to : Verat. alb.

shoulders, to (l) Bry., (r) Lyc., Phos.

sternum, to : Kali bich.

vertex, to : Lil. tig.

902 dorsal region, scapulae, lying, while : Com., Graph., Polyg., Sulph.

under : Gels.

left, then right : Bell., Nat. carb.

903 eating, on: Hyper., Phel.

turning head: Merc.

extending to shoulders : left, Kali bich.

chest : Rad. brom.

head : Lyc.

Under: Gels., Meny., Myrica.

between : Bursa past., Canth. SEP.

eating, after : Phel.

904 eating, after : Phel.

extending to epigastrium : Kali carb., Rat., Thuja.

905 lumbar region, bed, in : Aeth., Agar., Ang., Cact., Carbo veg., Carb. mar., Dulc., Euphor., Hep., Ign., Iris flor., Kali carb. Nat mur., Nat. sulph., Ol. an., Phos., Rhodo., Stram., Zinc.

906 childbirth, after : Kali carb.

haemorrhoids, with : AEsc., Bell., Ham., Nux vom.

leucorrhoea, gushes, amel. : Kreos.

lifting : Hura.

lying, while : Lyc.

907 motion of feet, agg. : Thuja.

move, must : Ox. ac.

pillow, on, amel.: Carbo veg.

standing : Zinc.

908 stooping, amel.: Mag. carb., Sec.

waking, on : AEsc., Aeth., Alum., Anac., Arg., Arg. nit., Berb., Calc. fluor., Calc. phos., Chel., Equis., Erig., Ham., Hyper., Kali bich., Kali mur., Kreos., Lycops., Mag. mur., Merc. Merc. i.f., Myrica, Naja, Ox. ac., Plant., Psor., Ptel., Ran. Bulb., Sil., Spong., Sulph., Verat. alb. Zinc.

walking, amel. : Kali carb.,.

extending abdomen or forward : Coc. c., Lil. tig., Lyc., Nat. carb., Puls., Sabina, Sep., Sulph. Vib.

chest, left : Kali carb.

feet, to : Kali mur.

genitals, to : Berb.

heart, to : Kali carb.

909 heart, to : Kali carb.

hip, to : Sulph.

nape, to : Kali bich.

rectum, to : Lach., Nat. carb., Sulph.

Scapula, right, to : Lyc., Mag. mur.

stomach, to : Sulph.

thighs, to : Sulph.

upward : Puls.

diagonally : Sil.

911 sacral region, sitting, while : Carbon an.

912 coccyx, lying on back : Graph.

913 spine, up spine : ars.

915 aching, cervical region : PHYT.

scapulae, between : Cimex, Helon., Lyc., Sulph.

under left : AEth., Ant. tart., Dios., Equis., Kali bich., Lob., Nit. ac., Ol. an., Polyp., Rumex, Sabina, Seneg., Verat. vir., Xanth.

918 spine : Lact. ac.

bent back, as if coccyx were : Mag. phos.

boring, dorsal region, scapula, left : Aur., Berb., Par., Phos. ac., Ruta, Spong.

919 broken, as if : Bell., Cocc.

dorsal region : Crot. Casc., Lil. tig., Mag. sulph., Nat. mur., Plat., Verat. alb.

apart, as if vertebrae were : Chel.

920 burning, dorsal region, scapula, right : Asaf., Como. Lycops., Mez., Nat. sulph., Staph.

left : Echi.

scapulae, between : Rob.

922 bursting, between shoulders : Thyroid.

contracting, dorsal region : Arn.

scapulae, between : Graph.

Cramp-like, cervical region : Calc. carb.

vertex, to : Calc. sulph.

923 cutting : Zinc.

cervical region : Ang., Berb., Thuja.

dorsal region, scapulae, between : Canth. under right : Asaf., Bell., Bry., Elat., Lach., Polyg.

lumbar region, stooping, on : Arn., Petr., Samb.

924 dislocated, as if, cervical region : Arn.

925 drawing, cervical region, right : Nux vom., Zinc.

929 lancinating, dorsal region, scapulae, between : Canth.,.

930 pressing, cervical region, extending to forehead or occiput : Chel.

dorsal region, scapulae, between : Ambr.

931 sacral region: Phyt., Rhus tox.

932 sore, cervical region, left : Agar.

933 dorsal region, scapulae, right : Arn., Crot. casv., Kali carb., Meph.

left : Led., Merc.

between : Kali bich., Lil. tig., Mag. carb., Plat., Verat. alb.

lumbar region, kidneys, over : Apis, Helon., Merc. cor., Phyt., solidago.

936 stitching : Ox. ac.

937 dorsal region, scapula, right : Bry.

944 Perspiration : Bufo.

cervical region : Med.

945 Pulsating, lumbar region : Med.

sacral region : Hura.

Restlessness : Thuja.

947 Stiffness, cervical region, left : Carb. an., Coloc., Nat., mur., Scil.

headache, during : Nat. mur., Phos.

turning head to right : Spong.

lumbo-sacral : Amb., Anac., Arg. nit., Ars., BAR. CARB., Bell., Carbo an., Carbo veg., Cham., Diosc., Guai., Ign., Kali carb., Nat. mur., Nit. ac., Nux vom., Petr., Rhus tox., Staph., Val.

948 Swelling, nape of neck : Ars., Berb., Carbo veg., Lach.

Tension, cervical region : Tub.

lumbar region : Ars., Mag. carb.

949 lumbar region: Ars., Mag. carb.

Trembling, lumbar region : Thuja.

Twitching, left : Carbo veg.

950 Vertebrae, absent, as if : Mag. phos., Psor.

slipping, as if : Sanic., Sulph.

Weakness: cocc., Kali carb.

cervical region : Abort., Ant. tart., Arg. nit., Verat. vir.

951 lumbar region, reaching up, agg.: Zinc.

upward extending : Nux mosch.

Wind on neck, as if : Olnd.

952 Abscess, hand, palm : Crot. hor.

953 Awkward, drops things : Agar.

stumbling : Lactuca.

954 Broken, as if, humerus : Bov., Cocc., Cupr., Puls., Samb., Zinc.

Bunions, foot : Graph.

Callosities, soles : Bar. carb., Lyc.

956 Coldness, left : Carbo veg.

958 hands, left : Ambr. gris.

960 fingertips : Petr.

lower limbs : Bursa past.

bones in : Nit. ac., Sep.

961 thigh, right : Kali bich.

knee, right : Ambr. gris.

leg, right : Nit. ac.

962 ankles : Ign., Med.

foot, right : Nat. mur., Pimpinel.

left : Laur., Stann.

foot, night, bed, in : Psor., Rhus tox., Sars.

bed, in : Senec., Sep., Zinc.

exertion, from : Plb.

icy cold : Nat. carb., Nit. ac, Sabina, Strong.

964 One : Con.

water, as if in : Carbo veg., Chin., Form., Lyc., Puls., (r) Sabina. Verat. alb.

heels : Merc., Sang., Sep.

soles : Lach., Phos., Rhodo., Thuja.

965 Constriction, upper limbs, left : Cimic.

969 Convulsions, fingers: Agar, Camph., Rheum., Spig.

lower limbs : Meny.

970 Corns, suppurating : Thuja.

Covered, hands, averse to : Mag. carb.

Cracked, skin, fingertips : Nat. mur.

heels : Ars., Coc. c., Kali phos.

Soles : Merc. cor.

toes : Psor.

Cracking joints : Benz. ac., Caust., Graph.

972 Cramps, upper limbs, right : Amm. carb., Carbo veg., Fluor. ac., Hura, Merc.

left : Alum., Bell., Caps., Cit. vulg., Cornus, Hyper.

forearm, left : Anac., Coloc., Meny., Plat., Ruta.

hand, right : Lyc.

left : Merc., Olnd.

973 grasping : Bursa past.

fingers, begin in : Cupr.

joints of : Mag. carb.

writing, while : Caust.

lower limbs : Meny.

974 thigh : Chel.

left : zinc. iod.

patellae : Hep.

tibiae : Agar., Ars., Calc. carb., Carbo an., Caust., Con., Merc., Mosch., Nat. mur., Petr., Sars.

975 sitting : Calc. carb.

stool, during : sec. corn.

calf, right : Acon., Merc.

left : Agar., Arg. nit., Aspar., Berb., Bry., Coca, Coloc., Kali nit., Lyc., Mag. sulph., Nat. mur., Phos., Phos. ac., Sang., Spig., Sulphur., Zinc.

night : Cham.

fear, agg. : Lach.

976 pressing foot to floor, amel. : Cupr., Ign., Nux mosch.

ankle, night : Iod.

foot, back of : Anac., Verat. vir.

977 sole : Graph., Sanic.

right : Stann.

left : Calc. carb., Thuja.

heel : Alum., Cann. sat., Caust., Sep.

toes : Ox. ac.

right : Coc. c.

back of : Merc., Ox. ac.

lying, agg. : Coc. c.

978 Crossing legs, amel. : Sep., Thuja.

Desquamation, feet : Agar., Ars., Berb., Chin., Dulc., Manc., Merc., Sulph., Thuja.

980 Discoloration, redness, spots : Apis.

981 lower limbs, bluish, left : Ambr. gris.

983 foot, redness : Bry.

984 Dragging, legs, walking, while : Bell.

985 Dryness, hands : Guaco.

palm : Cham., Gels., ham., Kali bich.

lower limbs : Lact.

feet : Guaco.

soles : Phos.

Enlargement, hands : Ang., Bell., Chel., Cocc., Laur., Manc., Mang. Mez., Op., Rhus tox.

994 Eruption, hand, red spots : Zinc.

995 palm, desquamation : Graph.

psoriasis : Mez.

vesicles : Anag.

between fingers, itchlike : Bry.

999 nates, boils : Acon.

thigh, boils : Acon., Puls.

1000 knee : Kreos., Petr.

1001 hollow of : Kreos., Thuja.

1002 ankle : Graph., Nat. mur., Petr., Sulph. foot : Dulc.

desquamation : Manc.

1003 sole, blisters : Bufo.

vesicles : Nat. carb.

1004 toes, blisters : Graph.

between : Psor.

Excoriation, thighs, riding, from : Ruta.

heels : Cepa.

1007 Formication, hand, back of : Bor., Nat. mur., Visc.

lower limbs : Kali carb.

thighs : Ip., Kreos.

knee : Carbo an., Chin., Merc.

hollow of : Chin.

1008 foot, right : Mang., Nat. carb.

Frozen sensation, foot : Alum.

Fullness, hand, veins : Cham., Cycl., Plb.

leg : Merc.

1009 Hang down, letting limbs, amel. : Berb., Mang., Teucr., Rat.

1010 heat, hand, right : Arum drac., Chin., Cocc., Euphr., Gamb., Mang., Puls., Staph.

left : AEsc., Alum., Arg. nit., Carbo an., Como., Stann.

one : Hep., Lyc., Mez.


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